'Dancing with the Stars' Top 10 Moments

Source: tonic.com | Pamela Anderson steamed up the dance floor; Shannen Doherty was brought to tears after watching her father react to her performance. With a diverse cast of celebrities and personalities, 'Dancing with the Stars' will be sure to keep audiences entertained all season long.
During the Season 10 premiere of Dancing with the Stars, celebrities (and Kate Gosselin) tackled the Cha Cha or the Viennese Waltz — some with elegance and others with ... well ... let's just say un-elegance. To be fair, it was their first time dancing in front of millions so no one really expected close-to-perfect performances. Some of the most interesting parts of the show were the ones that happened off the dance floor. Here are 10 of the most note-worthy moments from last night's premiere:

1. Notorious bad-girl, Shannen Doherty, dedicated her dance (actually all of them) to her dad who suffered a massive stroke. The doting daughter teared up after her performance which made her father tear up in return. "Did you see my dad's face? That's all that mattered to me right there."

2. The repartee between Erin Andrews and her partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy was giggle-worthy. When Maksim informed Andrews that people always ask for him, Andrews retorted with, "I didn't ask for you, I asked for Tony!" which made Maksim turn away like a wounded puppy. And then during rehearsals, after Andrews nitpicked her own performance, Maksim chastised, "Don't judge yourself. It's my only pleasure in life to bitch at people and you're taking it away."

3. More interesting than anything Jake Pavelka did on-stage, was who was watching him in the audience — Gia and Vienna. Did they become the Three Muskateers? Or ménage à ... oh forget it. Pavelka managed to lay it on thick Bachelor-style giving his dancing partner, Chelsie Hightower, a rose to start out their new relationship. After the judging process he said, "Proposing to Vienna was the honor of my life. But this is scary."

4. Comedian Niecy Nash worried that she might lose some of her "jiggly parts" during the rehearsal process. "I wanna prove that I don't have to be the little chubby girl who stands in the back. I can be the nice, thick, grown woman who stands in the front." The funny-girl then "happy cried" after her routine and later declared she was dedicating her performance "to thick girls everywhere."

5. Evan Lysacek to his partner Anna Trebunskaya: "I'm excited to have a Russian partner, but I'm relieved that you're not holding it against me that I beat your Russian skater." Ouch!

6. A dude in a space station asked man-on-the-moon Buzz Aldrin a question we all want to know the answer to, "Can you still do this move?" and then proceeded to do a no-gravity backward flip.

7. Pussycat Dolls lead singer, Nicole Scherzinger, set the bar for the rest of the competitors earning 25 points out of 30. She said to host Brooke Burke, "It's a far cry from chest pumps and booty dips."

8. Edyta Sliwinkska brushed an eyelash from hunky soap-star Aiden Turner's cheek. He then complained she didn't give it to him to make a wish. "I could've wished us through to second round. Now we're just gonna have to rely on our talent." After their steamy performance, host Tom Bergeron joked, "We are about one gust of wind away from an FCC fine."

9. "It looked like Tony was pushing a shopping cart around the floor," Bruno Tonioli said to reality TV star Kate Gosselin and her dancing partner, Tony Dovolani, after her underwhelming performance.

10. After Pamela Anderson's ... ahem ... performance, she made Tom Bergeron giddy like a 12-year-old school boy and prompted Bruno to stand up and yell, "Striperella's back home! Do it to me girl!"