Top 10 Reasons We Love Robert Pattinson

Source: | We all have our reasons for why we LOVE Robert Pattinson. And since this is the day he was placed upon the earth for all of us to oogle, it seems now is a good time to remember all those wonderful reasons

1. He brought Edward to life, but in real life, he is nothing like Edward.

I will fully admit and am not ashamed to say that I jumped on the Rob Crazy Train after the release of Twilight. I read the books, then saw the movie and can say that no one else even comes close in my head when I picture Edward.
But, as I learned more about Rob, I realized he was no Edward. He wasn’t perfect. He doesn’t always look like some Greek God. He drinks. He smokes. And I can say with some confidence that I love Rob for Rob, not just because he played Edward.

2. He is a dirrty boy, and doesn’t care!

No, I don’t think Rob smells, unless you count cigarettes, beer and must as being smelly. But, I do think he is dirty! And he admits it, so I’m pretty sure I am right. Besides, we all like our Rob dirty, don’t we? Yeah, that’s right!

3. He says inappropriate things in interviews.

Things like tool, terminal groin chafing, manmeat and f*cking awesomeness! Click each word to hear that beautiful voice say those naughty things!  (Thanks Late2thePartee!)

4. He can’t stop touching his hair.

‘Nuff said. The hair porn is AMAZING!!

5. When he signs an autograph, he write things like this.

Can you read that? It says You are welcome to my den of sin. *POOF*
Can you read that? It says "You are welcome to my den of sin." *POOF*

6. Sometimes he enjoys going commando, sometimes he doesn’t.

Commando and not commando!!
Commando and not commando!!

7. He looks like he shops at a thrift store, BUT he cleans up amazingly!

Thrift Store to Rodeo Drive!
Thrift Store to Rodeo Drive!

8. He introduced us all to AMAZING music we may have missed if we weren’t paying attention.

We Love You Robs Friends!! (And not just cause youre Robs friends!)
We Love You Rob's Friends!! (And not just cause you're Rob's friends!)
Thanks to Rob for giving us Sam Bradley, Bobby Long and Marcus Foster. We may have missed out on them without their amazing songwriting skills!

9. Only he could make reading the HP books again so much better then the 1st time around.

I wonder if HP peeps are trying to figure out how they can work him back in...
I wonder if HP peeps are trying to figure out how they can work him back in…

Because picturing Rob as Cedric Diggory makes it all so much more emotional for me. I cried. And part of me wished Diggory could rise from the dead.


10. He is the total package, and doesn’t even realize it!

I dare you to try and resist that smile! DARE YOU!!
I dare you to try and resist that smile! DARE YOU!!