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people you may know

10 of Senator Miriam Santiago's Viral Pick-up lines

I still can't get over about the viral videos on youtube featuring my favorite senator in the Philippines - Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago. She's always awesome and stunning when she speaks her wit mind.

Recently, Marc Logan of TV Patrol featured her in a segment entitled "Sa mga kwento ni Marc Logan" about her Pick-up lines in her engagement as a guest speaker and recently in the University of the Philippines - Diliman. Logan quote" Stand-up Comedian Miriam - If schools and institution needs a speaker, Senator Miriam Santiago is in the number one list. Why? Check out this video showing top 10 Senator Miriam's Famous Pick-up lines...

1 - How to be In...

Man: Gusto ko maging MAYOR para pagsilbihan ang KAPWA ko.
Maria: Gusto ko maging PRESIDENTE para paglingkuran ko ang aking KAPWA.
Juan Tamad: Ako naman... gusto kung maging KAPWA.

2 - Kodigo

One examination day...
Teacher: What's this? (Holding the paper she get from her student)
Student: Prayer ko po ma'am.
Teacher: If prayer ito, bakit puro answers ang laman nito?
Student: Naku, sinagot na ang prayer ko...
3 - Mataray sa kalaban?

Miriam: Karamihan sa mga kalaban ko tinatawag akong mataray... Hindi naman, eh. Ang tunay na mataray ay ganito..."Di ko sinabing maganda ako, ang sabi ko lang pangit ka!"

4 - Correct Answer

Boy: I thought your intelligent?
Girl: Yes, I am.
Boy: Bakit di mo ako kayang sagutin?
Girl: Kasi nga matalino ako at alam kong hindi ikaw ang tamang SAGOT!

5 - Facebook Status

Miriam: Sana Facebook status ka nalang para pwede kitang e-"like"

6 - Benta ng Bahay

Miriam: I benta mo na bahay mo kasi dito ka na nakatira sa puso ko.

7 - Lights issue

Miriam: Sana naka-OFF ang ilaw para tayo nalang ang mag-ON.

8 - Male Pick-Ups

Miriam: I never got time to pick-up by any of the males because at that time, I'm pretty convince that all males have a BRAINS of the AMOEBA.

9 - NBSB (No Boyfriend Since Birth)

Miriam: I never had a boyfriend when I was in college (Pause) but I always have a date!

10 - Corruption issue

Miriam: Kung alam ko lang na ganito pala kalakas at kalawak ang pagnanakaw dito sa ating bansa, nag-suicide na ako nong pinanganak ako ng nanay ko.

  • Reference/Source: TV Patrol World (Stand-up Comedian Sen. Miriam sa mga kwento ni Marc Logan

10 of the Most Famous Nostradamus Predictions

Isn't it good to have mysteries all around us that makes you stay awake for the whole night figuring the "Hows" and "Whys"? Yes, it's part of human existence to figure out what are "this" or "that" which they don't understand. I'm talking about mystery and mind boggling stuff since it's part of Always10's goal to give entertainment to readers whether it's heart pumping or relaxing infos.

Here's a post I uncovered from Discovery (I admit it - I'm a big fan of Discovery.) revealing the top 10 Nostradamus Predictions.

Discovery explains that"...Michel de Nostredame (a.k.a Nostradamus) was a 16th-century French "seer." We don't have many seers these days.

Nostradamus studied astrology and various "occult" sciences and used those to predict the future.

He's best known for The Prophecies, a collection of French quatrains published in 1555. So are these prophecies worthy predictions of the future or merely vague observations retrofitted to match past events?

10 - The French Revolution

"From the enslaved populace, songs,
Chants and demands
While princes and lords are held captive in prisons.
These will in the future by headless idiots
Be received as divine prayers"

You remember the French Revolution, right?
The peasants ("the enslaved populace") rising to power, the aristocracy taken down and beheaded (the "headless idiots," now "princes and lords ... held captive in prisons"). In another verse, the "great wall" falling is said to mean the storming of the Bastille.
It's a bit of a stretch, right? It's possible that Nostradamus saw the coming of a peasant uprising through completely non-astrological or occult means, but through his own eyes as he saw the contrast between aristocrat and commoner in 16th-century France.
Or not.

9 - The London Fire

"The blood of the just will commit a fault at London,
Burnt through lighting of twenty threes the six:
The ancient lady will fall from her high place,
Several of the same sect will be killed."

Look, just because you've never heard of the Great London Fire of 1666 doesn't mean it wasn't a really big deal.
It pretty much obliterated all of medieval London ("the ancient lady") within the old Roman walls. Only six deaths were recorded (hence "the six" in the second line), though commoners' deaths may not have been recorded at the time.
The fire, which started in a baker's shop, burned for three days straight. If only someone had passed along a copy of Nostadamus' book, maybe Londoners might have known it was coming.
8 - Princess Diana's Death

The penultimate of the surname of Prophet
Will take Diana [Thursday] for his day and rest:
He will wander because of a frantic head,
And delivering a great people from subjection.

OK, pay careful attention here: The father of Princess Diana's boyfriend, Dodi Al-Fayed, was named Mohamed ("the Prophet" - it wasn't his surname, but never mind that).
Did Diana's death deliver "a great people from subjection"? Maybe not, but we can all agree that the British are a great people, right? The fact alone that Diana's name is in the text speaks a lot to Nostradamus followers -- specific names are, in general, a rarity in Nostradamus' works.
7 - Hurricane Katrina

The cities of Tours, Orleans, Blois, Angers, Reims and Nantes
Are troubled by sudden change.
Tents will be pitched by (people) of foreign tongues;
Rivers, darts at Rennes, shaking of land and sea.

Did he really mean NEW Orleans? Hmm...The shaking of land and sea might describe the hurricane (well, the shaking of the sea would). Could the people with foreign tongues be aid workers from other parts of the world, or other parts of the country?
But what are Tours, Blois, Angers, Reims and Nantes doing there?
Pre-Katrina, this prophecy was originally thought to refer to France. Maybe it still should.
6 - The JFK and RFK Assassinations

The great man will be struck down in the day by a thunderbolt,
An evil deed foretold by the bearer of a petition.
According to the prediction, another falls at night time.
Conflict at Reims, London and a pestilence in Tuscany.

Thunderbolts and gunshots: not terribly dissimilar. And the great man was struck down in the day, as John F. Kennedy was. The other falling at nighttime would be Bobby Kennedy (five years later).
Now, it can work if you want it to, but do you really think a Secret Service agent reading that passage in November 1963 would have cause to be concerned?
Probably not.
And what of Reims, London and Tuscany?
5 - Louis Pasteur

The lost thing is discovered, hidden for many centuries.
Pasteur will be celebrated almost as a God-like figure.
This is when the moon completes her great cycle,
But by other rumors he shall be dishonored.

Like many surnames, Louis Pasteur's probably once indicated a profession.
Pasteur, in French, could also mean pastor, so some argue that this bit of Nostradamian prose could just be about any old priest. Others call it a shout-out to the man who studied microbial decay, brought you spoilage-resistant milk and found a vaccine for rabies.
No one doubts he deserved the props. You be the judge.
4 - Atomic Bomb

Near the gates and within two cities
There will be scourges the like of which was never seen,
Famine within plague, people put out by steel,
Crying to the great immortal God for relief.

OK, this one is hard to dispute.
Let's face it. It's an accurate description of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. "Scourges the like of which was never seen," people "crying to the great immortal God."
With that said, this verse is accurate because it cheats a bit on the specifics. Critics charge that it's so vague that it could also be used to describe a whole host of wartime atrocities during any of many wars that took place between Nostradamus' time in the 16th century and today ... or even the future.
3 - The World War II or Hitler

The two greatest ones of Asia and of Africa,
From the Rhine and Lower Danube they will be said to have come,
Cries, tears at Malta and the Ligurian side.
Also ...
From the depths of the West of Europe,
A young child will be born of poor people,
He who by his tongue will seduce a great troop;
His fame will increase towards the realm of the East.

These two verses may in fact describe World War II and Hitler ... or not.
Was the most notable bit about Hitler his impoverished upbringing? What about the genocidal, megalomaniacal tendencies? Don't those deserve something?
Much of the talk of Nostradamus' prophecy of Hitler may come from his use, in the original text, of the Latin word "Hister" to describe the Danube.
Trust us, he was talking about a river, not a dictator: no self-respecting prophet would make such an egregious spelling error.
2 - The September 11, 2001 Bombing or the 9/11 Terrorist Attack

Earthshaking fire from the center of the Earth
Will cause tremors around the New City.
Two great rocks will war for a long time,
Then Arethusa will redden a new river.

Well, two great rocks could be two towers, right? But would you say those towers were warring?
If you read this verse before Sept. 11, you might assume it referred to an earthquake or volcanic eruption. Earthshaking fire, tremors, rocks warring (in other words, continental plates colliding), but who really knows.
Back when Nostradamus wrote those lines, skyscrapers like the Twin Towers, jumbo jets like the ones that hit them and cities like modern-day New York were probably unthinkable and unimaginable, so if he foresaw these events, would he have even known what he was seeing?
1 - The End of the World

Remember when the world was going to end in 1994?
What about 1998?
Or 2000?
The doomsayers always warn that Nostradamus said the world was going to end and he NEVER GOT ANYTHING WRONG.
These days, 2012's the trendiest day for end-of-world prophecies. Specifically, it's Dec. 21, 2012.
Believe it if you want. One thing is clear: Nostradamus himself wrote that his prophecies only went as far forward as the year 3797. Does that mean the world will end late in the 38th century? Only time will tell.
Cool, isn't it? Well see if I could reach the 38th century... LOL. Ciao!

10 Reasons to why people buy iPads

We have a lot of tablet computer available in the market. I would love to convince everyone to get one, I prefer Ipad, it's my personal choice. Tablet Computer or simply tablet is a complete mobile computer, operated by touching the screen.

If you don't have an Ipad yet and you're not sure that you really need one for yourself, here's 10 reasons why you should buy an Ipad.

1 - Mobility

You can take anywhere and work anywhere. Ipad is very light in weight and easy storage. You just need to load up all the necessary applications that you need and take everything with you. You can check your email and you can retrieve your files online using a wifi connectivity or if your ipad has 3G connectivity.
2 - Stay Connected

Stay connected 24/7 while on the road. Using Instant Messenger such as yahoo messenger, google talk, facebook, skype and others. Easy connections with your friends or at work when your out of your desktop. You can even do video or voice chat.
3 - Lot's of Games

Download all your favorite games through your Ipad device Apps store. Play games in your past time or in your boredom hours. With the multi touchscreen on ipad playing games is truly exciting.
4 - Movies

Loading my favorite Korean Dramas and Movies in my Ipad and watch it during my spare time or when I'm in bed lying.
5 - Music and Podcast

Listening to music or on my downloaded podcast using earphone or you can attached a mini speaker to boost the volume. You can also download music direct from your ipad using a specified apps.
6 - E-books and Magazines

Reading from your collection of ibooks and magazine straight from your ipad.
7 - Video Streaming

I can watch my favorite Korean Drama straight from the website in my ipad online anywhere I go and also videos from youtube, dailymotion, and other sites.
8 - Paper Less

I don't need some paper and pen if I need to jot down or write some important message or text. I also use this NOTES apps when writing my draft for my blog.
9 - Apps Galore

Apple offered a wide range of application at apps store. Apps ranges from free, free version, lite version to full version amounting to $.99 and above. You can download any kind of application that are useful for your needs.
10 - Long Battery Life

What's best about this Ipad, it has long battery life. I can use this Ipad for 8 straight hours before I need to recharge it.
This Ipad is a perfect gadget when I'm out of town or out of the country. All in one entertainment thing for me. Easy to carry and just fit right on my handbag. Useful on my daily basis and very entertaining. My secondary computer from my Macbook Pro especially when I need to search something in an instant.
  • Reference/Source:[a.k.a Simply Me] by Karen Jardeleza [09/08/2011]
  • About Simply Me Personal Journal being Simply Me. I write about my travel, my escapades, my adventure, food, churches, gadgets, lifestyle, drama and other stuff.

    About Karen Jardeleza, the author

    Karen is from the country that has 7,107 Islands, The Philippines.She is a BS Accountancy graduate, a businesswoman, an entrepreneur, a Korean and Japanese drama enthusiast, a traveller, a gadget enthusiast and a photography enthusiast.

10 of the Most Common Blogging Mistakes In-depth 101

Blogging is a very good alternative in expressing ideas combined with pleasure and freedom. Though, blogging is not as easy as setting up or creating a Blogger or a Wordpress account and pushing freedom content to the limits. We have noticed that many bloggers are unfortunately doing it the wrong way and are therefore wasting their time.

I asked for help to my few blogger friends in my hangout site ( about their own experience in these "wrong-way" stuff and incorporate it with my own experience. Here are the 10 of the Most Common Blogging Mistake I encountered as well as other fellow bloggers.

1 – Poor Content Quality

"Not so describing title for a article/blog post- title should be easy to read and gives a instant idea what the reader may find out within the article." - Moonomo of

This is the number 1 issue with most blogs. The whole point of blogging is to deliver useful content that your visitors can share and link to. You miss out on the whole SEO/SMM value of the blog if your content is not worth reading or sharing.

Tip: Focus on quality, not quantity! Posting 1 quality blog post per week is much better than 5 average ones.
2 – Duplicate Content

"Echo-blogging - posting blogs about news, latest gossips, etc without even adding his/her personal views, review, etc. Failing to acknowledge sources or even link to relevant information when necessary." - Neilyamit of

"Not giving proper credit for sources (Image etc) or Hiding credit while it's due." - Moonomo of

A widespread disease! To discourage people from doing this, Google recently launched 2 major updates (Panda Update) that ultimately penalized all websites who plagiarize content. Let’s get one thing straight, if you find interesting content on another website that you believe your readers will benefit from, it is OKAY to copy parts of it, as long as you add a link to the source somewhere in the article.
3 – Lack of SMM Capabilities

You could have the highest quality content out there, people are most likely to “+Plus” or “Like” or ”Tweet” it if you give them an easy way to do it. Look at the Network side of this blog post for instance, we display a dynamic sharing bar (AddThis) that makes it easy for our visitors to share our content in one click. It can’t get any easier! Also, our posts are automatically shared on Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn through the use of some highly efficient widgets and apps. By having Social Media Marketing capabilities within your blog, you help your content spread and go hit and viral!
4 – Poor Formatting

"Mixing cAsE/using too much special characters in title/post. Having grammar and spell mistakes. Making words shorthanded and ruin English writings for example: i lyk d hell!" - Moonomo of

"Making it hard for someone to read, i.e. using all centred text, or not breaking into proper paragraphs." - TropicalMum of

"I think unnecessary fancy font and dark shade will be the one for that list... " - Sunitagiri of

"Not consistent in choice of typeface for headings; sub headings and text. Poor knowledge of graphics/ layout/ structuring etc. " - Thiruselvam k of

"I think it depends on the type of blog and the formality. Structure, punctuation, grammar and font are not as important as the context of the blog. When I first started writing I had a friend editing my blog and it took away from the rawness of my writing. " - Gail of

"Poor Design, black backgrounds with red text are not fun to read." - Special McSpecial of

A lot of blogs out there are tough to read because of poor formatting and CSS styling. Make your blog content light and easy to read by splitting your content into short paragraphs. Add headers or sub-headers within your blog post. Add images or videos or quotes or colors! Make sure your font is clear and large enough to read. All these factors influence the interest of your readers.
5 – Inadequate Blogging or Post Updates declining

"Waiting several weeks in between posts, your readers will forget about you." - Special McSpecial of

This is quite a popular mistake. Posting once or twice a year simply doesn’t cut it. People get excited when they first launch their blog, but the excitement starts to gradually fade out and the blogging frequency starts to drop.

Note: Remember, it takes a couple months of blogging to start gaining a loyal audience. Don’t give up mid-way!
6 – Blogging too often

This is very similar to number 5 though We might look in depth. The other side of the coin! Blogging too often can make you look like a spammer.

Tip: Don’t flood your visitors/subscribers with content, make them look forward to your next post!

We’ve seen some small blogs update posts in up to 4 to 5 times a day! Now, that kind of blogging frequency is fine if you’re a major authority like Mashable, but when you’re starting out, keep your posting at 2 to 3 times a week at most.

Solution: If you have a lot to say, get on Twitter!
7 – Poor Headlines/Titles

Titles are the most important part of your blog. That is pretty much the only factor that determines whether people will click to read more or ignore your post. Make your titles short and sweet. Also, write them in a way that visitors will feel like the info they’re about to read is unique, up-to-date and cannot be found elsewhere.
8 – Neglecting Blog SEO

Blogging is a tremendous benefit to your overall SEO initiative. To get the full value from it, you should make sure your posts have: a descriptive, keyword-rich title, a permalink (also known as keyword-rich URL), section headers that are descriptive and utilize keywords specific to each section, “anchor” text should contains keywords relevant to what’s being linked to.
9 – Self-Promotional or "Love My Own" Blogging

"I don't write or pretend to be perfect but my posts come from the heart and are intended to help, motivate and inspire others." - Gail of

"Less interest about Socializing with fellow bloggers/readers. Or, Too much interest to get huge traffic/rank within short period of time by doing kind of spamming the internet for example: link dropping anywhere possible." - Moonomo of

When you blog, you should focus on providing useful content to your visitors first, promoting your own services/products should come second. It is okay to add a link to your products and invite people to try out your latest service, but you must do it in a way that feels genuine to the reader. Talking about your products in every blog post is a good way to lose all your audience.
10 – Covering too many topics

If you want to establish yourself as an authority in your genre or industry, make you sure you’re blogging exclusively about that industry. It is okay to occasionally blog about an external news item or major event that is taking place in your city, but keep 90%+ of your posts on-topic and make sure you’re delivering useful info to your readers every time.

That's all folks. Let's make a Better Mistake tomorrow.

10 Tips on Developing and Designing your Website

For three years, I have done a lot of web site application and most of them are corporate sites. So I thought of sharing some of the things I have learned from my work. Let's start by differentiating the term web designer and web developer. It should be clear that this two jobs are related to each other but not similar.

Web Designer vs. Web Developers

Web designer usually handles the front-end of the site. They are the ones who are concerned with the user interface (UI) of the website, basically they are the artistic people who knows the tricks and techniques of CSS and scripting that they can use on the browser wars.

On the other hand, web developers are the ones assigned to the back end of the site and doing the logic behind. They are the ones who used their brain cells on making the site work and as well as protect the it from invaders (technically called spams and other bots that tries to harm the site).

1 - First screen without scrolling is important (aka 'Above the Fold' )

Basically this defines the first impression a visitor sees everytime they see your site. It is a rule of thumb that they should know all the information about your site without scrolling down. The upper part should always explain or at least give a brief description on what to expect on your site. Avoid too large banners that almost occupy half of the screen. Put all menu and navigation on the upper part of the site and make sure it is visible enough for the users to see. Place all non-important things below or on other pages. Do not place them on the top unless you want it to be seen intentionally.

Thanks Harrison for the term 'Above the Fold'. :)
2 - External Files

This applies to all your scripts and styles. It is advisable to use external files instead of placing them inside your HTML (or whatever you are using) to customize your site. Why? Usually this is used to boost the speed of the sites. External scripts are saved on cache and so the next time you visit the said site it would be faster than the first time.

Now what if you're using blogger for your site host, well you can use other third party services to generate external scripts that you can call anytime. You can try Pastie by Josh Goebel for example, this generates text files that you can access from your site so that you can use it for your scripts and styles.

3 - Know your image well

Portable Network Graphics or PNG are the most common image type being used on web sites. It is because the said type supports transparency and is more convenient to use because it is smaller than using Graphic Interchange Format or GIF.

But upon using this, make sure that you know the consequence of this. There is actually an issue about PNG's transparency on Internet Explorer. Reports said that the previous version of IE doesn't support the filter that fixes this issue. There are lot of tutorials on the net that solve this issue, some of them uses CSS while others use javascript. As a developer, I don't recommend javascript solutions since these can be disabled on browsers. For CSS here is the porperty to add to resolve the issue:

view plainprint?

filter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.AlphaImageLoader(...);


See this report on how to properly use it.

4 - Flash are good but is not advisable at all times

So you want to add flash on your site? Think twice. It is now very common that you'll receive visitors who are using mobile browsers to surf the net. Most of this mobile browsers doesn't suppport such file types and thus will just ruin your site on the said browsers

Another problem is that flash, which is commonly on SWF format, have issues on web designing. These files always comes to the top part of your site (foreground). So even if you use your z-index property knowledge, it won't go on the background of your other items. To resolve this you can always use the wmode property of flash files when you are trying to embed them.
5 - Make sure that your site is readable

Most of the time, this is the issue I'm getting. People are always telling me that the fonts are too small or too big. Actually there are no rules on using font-size. The issue arises depending on the audience you are trying to target. Usually you can use larger fonts for older people, on the other hand, I usually use 12 to 14 px for corporate sites.

Font-styles are also important to consider. Make sure that they are READABLE. Don't use Monotype Corsiva or Wingdings. Most of the time Arial, Times New Roman or Calibri are used for sites, others are just too much for sites and are not advisable. Courier are used for source codes and typewritten type of letters, leave it to those kind of blocks and never use them on your site.

Know how to use bold and italic letters, avoid using them regularly and never (as in never) use them as a default font for your site.

6 - Be careful with client-side scripts

Javascripts and JQuery are common on web developing and web designing. But before adding this, make sure that you know the consequence of using this. There are actually some browsers and users that are blocking this scripts for their protection. Make sure you know how to handle this cases especially if these scripts does a lot of important actions on your site.

During this case, noscript tags can be helpful.
7 - Anything you post on the web can be stolen

It is a stupid fact that everyone should know. I actually have a client before that wants her files to be protected in a way that no one can download it.. well for me it is stupidity!

As I have said, almost everything you see on your browser are being stored on cache, and how do they do it? the browser downloads it and saves it as temporary files for future use. So that's it! It needs to be downloaded so that it can be shown on the screen. So if there is something you don't want others to see.. Store it on your hard disk, unplugged your computer, place it inside a drum, cover it with cement and bury it. That way no one can steal your files! >:-)
8 - Place all scripts below the page

Make sure that the content is always above the unnecessary scripts. The reason why the visitors visit is because they want to see the content of your site. By placing the scripts below, users will be able to see your contents even if the page is still loading.

9 - Dress properly

Sites are like a product selling himself or a person attending a party. They need to look good depending on the occassion. Make sure that the colors blend together, unless you're selling "colors" on your site. Usually, 1-3 colors are enough for corporate sites. For kiddy sites, pastel colors work well.

Again, choose your colors right!
10 - Make it interactive

It's now the era of Web 2.0, interaction is a must! Visitors needs to interact to your site. Leave reading to books and encyclopedia. Viewers need to be somehow entertained while they are viewing your site. Add things that they can click like social sharing or social bookmarking buttons. If you can't add something like that, at least add some moving objects like animations. Anything that would catch attention so that users can continue reading.
Last and most important of all, though speed is our top priority we always need to make sure that everything works fine, errors are handled well and all unexpected cases are catch nicely (expect the unexpected as they always say). Now, when you are sure that everything works as you want it to be, then it's time to worry for speed. Happy developing! :)

~ Aji Banda

  • Reference/Source: by Aji Banda [8/03/2011]

  • About Beneath the Tree A collection of algorithm, code and other programming methods. Includes programmers' point of view, interests and game reviews.

    About Aj Banda, the author

    I'm Aj but some calls me aji. I'm a web programmer and a blogger. I used my blogs to share my knowledge to the world but most of the time it serves as a reference of my previous algorithms and source codes.

10 Photos of Famous People who look like Animals

You know the old saying: The longer you're together, the more you start to look like your partner. And while this theory usually applies to old married couples, it certainly happens in pet-owner relationships, too (science even says so!).

Tireless theory testers that we are, we set out to find said look-a-likes and expose them in all their twin glory. But actually, there are people who may or may not be a pet owner but looks like pets themselves.

Here's 10 Photos of Famous People who look like Animals. (Note: No, hurt feelings. It's just for fun - I'm a big fan of Taylor Lautner too!)

1 - Flava Flav and a Gremlin

Okay, okay, we know that gremlins aren't real... but we couldn't resist including this pic anyway!

2 - Tina Turner and a Chow Chow

It doesn't make sense though I love Turner and My friend's chow chow.

3 - Prince and a Miniature Pinscher

.... uhmmm. No comment.

4 - Hitler and aCat

There are so many cats who resemble Hitler that there's actually a website called "Cats Who Look Like Hitler!"

5 - Wilfred Brimley and a Cat

Odd, I usually think of him as a lion. Oh, lion is a member of cat family. LOL.

6 - Dog The Bounty Hunter and a Lion

Now I see a dog and a lion combined...

7 - Mark Zuckerberg and an Elephant Seal

Does it mean that Facebook and Seals are related? Conspicuous. I have to do some research...

8 - Taylor Lautner and a Llama

ET: Jacob, I thought wolves and Llama aren't related?
Jacob: My mothers is a were-Llama.
ET: hmp...

9 - Jack Black and a French Bulldog

Either way, his definitely funny.

10 - Josh Hartnett and a Golden Retriever

I see a golden retriever piloting a aircraft in pearl harbor... was it? Oh, sorry it's Super Dog.

  • Reference/Source: by Beverly Jenkins [8/22/2011]

10 Bizarre Hybrid Gadgets

Want Gizmos and Gadgets? Well, this week's tech post is all about weird hybrid gadgets. Techies, enjoy reading!

1 - iLounge: toilet paper dispenser + iPod dock

Atech's "iLounge hybrid toilet paper dispenser/iPod dock" supports all iPod models that have a dock connector and has an integrated USB slot for the Shuffle. Speakers are hidden in the dispensers arms with navigation buttons located conveniently on top for easy access. Well, now you will not miss a song while in the bathroom!

2 - Hammacher Schlemmer's Toaster: radio + roaster

Who doesn't like to start the day with a slice of toast and the morning news? Well, thanks to Hammacher Schlemmer, you can now enjoy both AM pleasures with one energy-saving, space-saving appliance, the Radio Toaster. It comes with all the usual bells and whistles of both appliances but it's all packed into one cool looking design. It guarantees perfectly toasted bread every time and even has a removable crumble tray for easy clean up. What more could you ask for?

3 - The Spacesaver: washing machine + sink

This combination washing machine and sink appliance is called The Spacesaver and it's truly a… wait for it… spacesaver. While it's a pretty good idea, what will happen to all the junky cleaning products I store under my sink? And where does the dryer go? Maybe if this was a more green product where the wastewater from the sink was cleaned up and used to wash the clothes I would be more in favor of it, but as it is now- it needs some work.

4 - Eurocopter: airplane + helicopter

The helicopter has really changed the way that many things are done since it was invented. Traditionally, the helicopter has a rotor or two up top and a tail rotor. The upside to the design is that it can take off and land vertically. The downside is that a rotorcraft isn't as fast as a fixed wing aircraft. Eurocopter has announced that its X3 Hybrid combining rotors with propellers has hit a speed much higher than normal helicopters are capable of. The X3 hit speeds of 232 knots or 430 km/h in testing. This will be a fantastic aircraft for rescue mission where speed is critical.

5 - Zike: scooter + bicycle +stair-stepper

If you are too old for a trike, and love to ride a bike, maybe you would like a Zike, the world's first hybrid scooter. I suppose by “hybrid scooter”, the company means it is the first product to successfully combine a scooter, bicycle, and stair-stepper together. Inventor Nathan Scolari was “compelled to combat the childhood obesity epidemic in the United States”, and this is what he researched and created.

6 - McCar: car + scooter

The McCar is presently on display at the Shanghai Motor Show, and it is both a car and scooter at the same time. The purpose of the car and scooter combo is so the user/driver is able to use the scooter to get to where he or she is going if the place is far away from where he or she had to park. For example, let's say you park in a huge parking lot at the mall, and instead of walking the city blocks to get to your favorite store, you unload the scooter from the back and drive there.

7 - VN-CX1A: mouse + VoIP phone

One of the nice things about using Skype on a laptop is that it's a hands-free experience: The laptop's built-in microphone picks up your voice, and speakers relay the other end of the call. But Sony's VN-CX1A mouse, which doubles as a VoIP phone, needlessly complicates both your phone calls and your mousing. Question: What happens when you need to use the computer during a call?

8 - X Mark I: mouse + calculator

Canon has created a wireless mouse that doubles as a calculator. The X Mark I mouse, only available in the U.K., has Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity, 1200 dpi resolution, and three clickable buttons, including a scroll wheel, with the keypad placed beneath it. The crazy thing is, this isn't that wild a mashup, depending on how much data entry you do on your PC. Certainly, as much as desktop operating systems have advanced, the concept of clicking around an onscreen calculator hasn't changed much, which is to say it hasn't gotten less tedious. Some people might actually find pressing the numbers directly to be a more natural user experience, although some of us can still barely touch type.

9 - Fossil FX2008: palm + wristwatch

This is the Fossil FX2008 – a wrist PDA watch powered by the Palm OS platform. Described as “a revolutionary personal organizer cleverly disguised as a stylish wristwatch.”

10 - Escopetarra: AK-47 + guitar

César López, a sculptor from Colombia, takes rifles formerly used by paramilitary units in his country and turns them into guitars. The idea came to Lopez back in 2003 when, while playing in front of a Bogota country club, he witnessed a car bomb explode. In the ensuing confusion, he noticed how the army guards all carried their rifles in a manner that resembled the way he carried his guitar and out of that explosion came the first escopetarra—a Winchester rifle/Fender Stratocaster hybrid.

  • Reference/Source: by Gracie Murano [9/1/2011]