10 Photos of Famous People who look like Animals

You know the old saying: The longer you're together, the more you start to look like your partner. And while this theory usually applies to old married couples, it certainly happens in pet-owner relationships, too (science even says so!).

Tireless theory testers that we are, we set out to find said look-a-likes and expose them in all their twin glory. But actually, there are people who may or may not be a pet owner but looks like pets themselves.

Here's 10 Photos of Famous People who look like Animals. (Note: No, hurt feelings. It's just for fun - I'm a big fan of Taylor Lautner too!)

1 - Flava Flav and a Gremlin

Okay, okay, we know that gremlins aren't real... but we couldn't resist including this pic anyway!

2 - Tina Turner and a Chow Chow

It doesn't make sense though I love Turner and My friend's chow chow.

3 - Prince and a Miniature Pinscher

.... uhmmm. No comment.

4 - Hitler and aCat

There are so many cats who resemble Hitler that there's actually a website called "Cats Who Look Like Hitler!"

5 - Wilfred Brimley and a Cat

Odd, I usually think of him as a lion. Oh, lion is a member of cat family. LOL.

6 - Dog The Bounty Hunter and a Lion

Now I see a dog and a lion combined...

7 - Mark Zuckerberg and an Elephant Seal

Does it mean that Facebook and Seals are related? Conspicuous. I have to do some research...

8 - Taylor Lautner and a Llama

ET: Jacob, I thought wolves and Llama aren't related?
Jacob: My mothers is a were-Llama.
ET: hmp...

9 - Jack Black and a French Bulldog

Either way, his definitely funny.

10 - Josh Hartnett and a Golden Retriever

I see a golden retriever piloting a aircraft in pearl harbor... was it? Oh, sorry it's Super Dog.

  • Reference/Source: Oddee.com by Beverly Jenkins [8/22/2011]