10 Stories of People with Bizarre Medical Condition

World of weirdness - I’m always fascinated with the world and its nature. Imagine, there are things that occur within our universe that is natural though we think it’s not. You might wonder why I’m talking about this topic.

The following list is the reason why I keep on wondering, “Is everything we know of is natural or it’s just us who named it unnatural?”

From Oddee.com, here are the 10 Stories of People with Bizarre Medical Condition

1 - Sarah Carmen, The Woman Who has 200 Orgasms every day

UK's Sarah Carmen, 24, is a 200-a-day orgasm girl who gets good, good, GOOD vibrations from almost anything. She suffers from Permanent Sexual Arousal Syndrome (PSAS), which increases blood flow to the sex organs. "Sometimes I have so much sex to try to calm myself down I get bored of it. And men I sleep with don't seem to make as much effort because I climax so easily."

She believes her condition was brought on by the pills. "Within a few weeks I just began to get more and more aroused more and more of the time and I just kept having endless orgasms. It started off in bed where sex sessions would last for hours and my boyfriend would be stunned at how many times I would orgasm. Then it would happen after sex. I'd be thinking about what we'd done in bed and I'd start feeling a bit flushed, then I'd become aroused and climax. In six months I was having 150 orgasms a day—and it has been as many as 200."

She and her boyfriend split— and new partners struggle to keep up with her sex demands. "Often, I'll want to wear myself out by having as many orgasms as I can so they stop and I can get some peace," she said.

2 - Mr. Perry, The Man Who Can't Get Fat

Mr. Perry, 59, can eat whatever he likes - including unlimited pies, burgers and desserts - and never get fat. He cannot put on weight because of a condition called lipodystrophy that makes his body rapidly burn fat.

He used to be a chubby child, but at age 12 the fat dropped off "almost over night". He initially tried to eat more to gain weight, but it had no effect. Mr Perry, of Ilford in Essex, endured a decade of tests before the illness was diagnosed. It finally emerged that his body produces six times the normal level of insulin. Doctors have admitted that the condition would be a "slimmer's dream".

3 - Dutchman Wim Ho, The Man Who Doesn't Feel Cold

Dutchman Wim Hof, also known as the Iceman, is the man that swam under ice, and stood in bins filled with ice. He climbed the Mt. Blanc in shorts in the icy cold, harvested world records and always stands for new challenges.

Scientists can't really explain it, but the 48-year-old Dutchman is able to withstand, and even thrive, in temperatures that could be fatal to the average person.

4 - Rhett Lamb, The Boy Who Couldn’t Sleep: stayed awake 24 hours a day for years

Rhett Lamb is often cranky like any other 3-year-old toddler, but there’s one thing that makes him completely different: he has a rare medical condition in which he can’t sleep a wink.

Rhett is awake nearly 24 hours a day, and his condition has baffled his parents and doctors for years. They took clock shifts watching his every sleep-deprived mood to determine what ailed the young boy.

After a number of conflicting opinions, Shannon and David Lamb finally learned what was wrong with their child: Doctors diagnosed Rhett with an extremely rare condition called chiari malformation.

"The brain literally is squeezed into the spinal column. What happens is you get compression, squeezing, strangulating of the brain stem, which has all the vital functions that control sleep, speech, our cranial nerves, our circulatory system, even our breathing system," Savard said.

5 - Ashleigh Morris, The Girl Who is Allergic to Water

Teenager Ashleigh Morris can't go swimming, soak in a hot bath or enjoy a shower after a stressful day's work - she's allergic to water. Even sweating brings the 19-year-old out in a painful rash.

Ashleigh, from Melbourne, Australia, is allergic to water of any temperature, a condition she's lived with since she was 14. She suffers from an extremely rare skin disorder called Aquagenic Urticaria - so unusual that only a handful of cases are documented worldwide.

6 - Code Name: AJ, The Woman Who Can’t Forget

That's the story of AJ, an extraordinary 40-year-old married woman who remembers everything.

McGaugh and fellow UCI researchers Larry Cahill and Elizabeth Parker have been studying the extraordinary case of a person who has "nonstop, uncontrollable and automatic" memory of her personal history and countless public events. If you randomly pick a date from the past 25 years and ask her about it, she’ll usually provide elaborate, verifiable details about what happened to her that day and if there were any significant news events on topics that interested her. She usually also recalls what day of the week it was and what the weather was like.

The 40-year-old woman, who was given the code name AJ to protect her privacy, is so unusual that UCI coined a name for her condition in a recent issue of the journal Neurocase: hyperthymestic syndrome.

7 - Natalie Cooper, The Girl Who Eats Only Tic Tacs

Meet Natalie Cooper, a 17-year-old teenager who has a mystery illness that makes her sick every time she eats anything. Well, almost anything. She can eat one thing that doesn’t make her sick: Tic tac mint!

For reasons that doctors are unable to explain, Tic tacs are the only thing she can stomach, meaning she has to get the rest of her sustenance from a specially formulated feed through a tube.

8 - Chris Sands, The Musician Who Can't Stop Hiccupping

Chris Sands, 24, from Lincoln, hiccups as often as every two seconds - and sometimes even when he is asleep. He has tried a variety of cures, including hypnosis and yoga, but nothing has worked. Mr Sands thinks his problem stems from an acid reflux condition caused by a damaged valve in his stomach. "If the acid levels are severe enough they are going to do keyhole surgery and grab part of my stomach and wrap it around the valve to tighten it," he said.

Mr Sands, who is a backing singer in the group Ebullient, said the condition has hampered his career as he has only been able to perform four times. In the next couple of weeks --as of the day of the report--, doctors at Nottingham's Queen's Medical Centre will put a tube into his stomach to monitor acid levels and decide if keyhole surgery is possible.

9 - Kay Underwood, The Girl That Collapses Every Time She Laughs

Kay Underwood, 20, has cataplexy, which means that almost any sort of strong emotion triggers a dramatic weakening of her muscles. Exhilaration, anger, fear, surprise, awe and even embarrassment can also cause sufferers to suddenly collapse on the spot.

Kay, of Barrow-upon-Soar, Leicestershire (UK), who was diagnosed with the condition five years ago, once collapsed more than 40 times in a single day. She said: "People find it very odd when it happens, and it isn't always easy to cope with strangers' reactions. "

Like most cataplexy sufferers, Ms Underwood is also battling narcolepsy - a condition that makes her drop off to sleep without warning. Narcolepsy affects around 30,000 people in the UK and about 70 per cent of them also have cataplexy.

10 - Debbie Bird, The Woman Who is Allergic to Modern Technology

For most people talking on a mobile phone, cooking dinner in the microwave or driving in a car is simply part of modern living in 21st century Britain. But completing any such tasks is impossible for Debbie Bird - because she is allergic to Cell Phones and Microwaves.

The 39-year-old is so sensitive to the electromagnetic field (emf) or 'smog' created by computers, mobile phones, microwave ovens and even some cars, that she develops a painful skin rash and her eyelids swell to three times their size if she goes near them. As a consequence, Mrs Bird, a health spa manager, has transformed her home into an EMF-free zone to try and stay healthy. 'I can no longer do things that I used to take for granted,' Mrs Bird said. "My day-to-day life has been seriously affected by EMF".

10 Best Ways to Save Bucks when you are travelling

Found this post from Yahoo, and I think this is a great post for all since global economic crisis is at brink.

So you've done the math twenty times but you're still a few hundred dollars short in the budget department. Here's ten ways to save money -- US$1,400 to be exact -- while travelling. Just think how much more you could do, see and experience with that extra $1,400!

1 - Don't spend hundreds of dollars on a pair of hiking boots.

You won't need them. Trekking in Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam isn't like trekking in Nepal or Peru. Most get by just fine with a good pair of sturdy sandals. Hiking boots are hot, they'll start to smell really bad, you'll be needing to take them off over and over again to visit temples and enter guesthouses, and they're heavy.

Estimated saving over a month: US$285 (based on an average pair of quality boots going for US$300, with a sturdy set of leather sandles for around $15)
2 - Don't spend hundreds of dollars on malarials.

Unless you're planning on sleeping naked in a swamp in remote areas along the Thai/Burma border, chances are you'll not need to take malarials during your trip. If your family doctor starts writing out a script for months of malarials as soon as you say "Asia", go and see a travel doctor for a second opinion. If the travel doctor says you still need them, then buy generic equivalents upon arrival in Asia -- at a fraction of the cost of what you'll pay at home. But remember, if you are visiting destinations on the main tourist trail in Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam, and are not planning on spending time in remote rural areas, you do not need to take malarials. Instead use repellent, dress sensibly at mosquito feasting times (light coloured clothing, with long sleeves and pants), and use a mosquito net.

Estimated saving over a month: US$135 (Based of $3 a Doxyxyline pill for fourty five days -- a month and a week before and after.)
3 - Don't spend hundreds of dollars on brand new guidebooks.
As you're reading this on Travelfish, you've already got the right idea. Regarding guidebooks, buy the book for the first country you're heading to and buy/swap as you travel for the others. Not that we support piracy, but ... pirated (photocopied or bound) versions of Lonely Planet guides are available throughout Vietnam and Cambodia -- Yup that's right, that US$20 guidebook to Laos you bought at Borders yesterday can be purchased on the street in Phnom Penh for $2. The regional guides (Southeast Asia on a Shoestring etc) are hardly worth using in our opinion and you'll be FAR better served by the country-specific guidebook for each destination. Buy/Swap/Sell.

Estimated saving over a month: US$80 (based on purchase cost of four guidebooks at a cost of $100 Vs one real guidebook for $20, then swap or buy a fake one)
4 - Invest in a digital camera.

Asia is a beautiful region and you'll take photos -- lots of them. If you're shooting film or slide you'll be looking at hundreds of dollars to process all your happy shots. A mid-range digital camera (say around US$300) will pay for itself in no time at all and if you buy the right one, you'll get a video camera as a part of the package.

Estimated saving over a month: break even, but you've save money on your next trip.
5 - Don't buy a sleeping bag.

You won't need it. If anything, get a sleep sheet or a couple of sarongs, but nearly all lodgings will have sheets and treks will have bedding organised. Plus sleeping bags are hot (you're in the tropics remember) and they take up space that could be filled with trinkets.

Estimated saving over a month: $190 (based on a $200 sleeping bag Vs a $10 sleep sheet)
6 - Travel second class

The train system in Morocco has "C class" -- locals joke the C stands for Corpses, Crates and Cattle. Thankfully 2nd and 3rd class in Asia is nowhere near as bad. In virtually all cases, 2nd class is more than enough -- and it's generally about half the price.

Estimated saving over a month: US$50-100
7 - Drink water not beer

Both beer and water are cheap in Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam. The former makes you fat and drunk, the latter slim and hydrated. While beer is often super cheap -- say US$1 for a big bottle, water is often cheaper. Drink alcohol in moderation and you'll be surprised just how quickly the savings pile up -- and that's without even counting the greasy $5 American Breakfast you'll find yourself craving the morning after the night before. If you don't want to listen to us, listen to your Mum. Drink less booze and you'll save more baht.

Estimated saving over a month: US$90 (Based on four beers a night vs one, at $1 a beer -- doesn't include the greasy breakfast.)
8 - Fan good air-con bad

You're in the tropics so you know it is going to be hot, but the evenings are often surprisingly cool. If you're on the beach, look for rooms with good window space to let in that fine sea breeze. In cities you want a room on a higher floor and preferably with a window. Oddly, often rooms on the upper floors are cheaper.

Estimated saving over a month: US$300 (based on an average for of $10 for a fan room Vs $20 for an air-con one)
9 - Money management
Check with your bank before leaving to find out just what charges they have for overseas withdraws from ATMs and for cash advances. The fees may curl your hair and make travellers cheques look a lot more sensible as bank fees on a month-long trip in Asia can easily mount into the hundreds of dollars. When your bank tells you they have a US$5 charge per foreign bank withdrawal, plus an extra 5% spread on the exchange rate, you know which way to run -- either straight to a bank that doesn't, or to the closest American Express office for some travellers cheques.

Estimated saving over a month: US$100 (based on personal experience of one month in Vietnam foolishly using a Commonwealth Bank of Australia credit card)
10 - Food and Mouth Stuff
Most guesthouses will offer what they call an "American Breakfast". This is normally two greasy eggs, a couple of plastic sausages, manufactured ham and a decorative tomato or cucumber. Don't be surprised when it costs US$5. Skip the overpriced fatfest, walk out the door and plonk yourself down for some fried rice or noodle soup for a dollar.

Estimated saving over a month: US$120 (Based on $5 fatfest Vs $1 noodle soup)

10 of World's Youngest List Collection

World's Youngest Collection
The term childhood is non-specific and can imply a varying range of years in human development. Developmentally, it refers to the period between infancy and adulthood. In common terms, childhood is considered to start from birth. Some consider that childhood, as a concept of play and innocence, ends at adolescence. What will you say if at childhood stage, some children do experience the following bizarre list...

Finally, Oddee.com just posted their top 10 collection of world's youngest. Here are the 10 of World's Youngest List Collection and enjoy.

1 - Rifca Stanescu, Romania, World's Youngest Granny (25yr)

A 25-year-old Romanian housewife could be getting a grand old honor: She's believed to be the world's youngest grandmother. The British tabloid The Sun reports that Rifca Stanescu had her first child, a daughter named Maria, at the age of 12. Although she urged the girl not to follow her example, Maria got in the family way when she was only 11 and gave birth to a son, Ion. Stanescu was only 23 when she became a grandmother. Ion's now 2, and Stanescu has mixed feelings about being a grandmother at such a young age. “I am happy to be a grandmother but wished more for Maria,' she said.

2 - Shruti Pandey, India, World's Youngest Yoga Teacher (6yr)

At just six, Shruti Pandey is the youngest yoga trainer in the world. The bendy youngster has been teaching adults at an ashram, in northern India, for the last two years. Her trainer, Hari Chetan, 67, set up the ashram 35 years ago and as soon as little Shruti became one of his students, as a tiny four-year old, he spotted her talents. Now she starts her classes at 5.30 am every morning, at Brahmanand Saraswati Dham, in the Jhunsi town, dressed in white leggings and a red t-shirt surrounded by 30 eager pupils ranging from businessmen, teachers, housewives to pensioners. Shruti said: "It feels good when people follow my instructions, I feel like a real teacher."

3 - Kim Petras, Germany, World's Youngest Transsexual to have Surgery (16 yr)

German teenager Kim Petras has become the world's youngest operated transsexual after undergoing a surgery at the age of just 16. The procedure – carried out in secret and paid for by the German health service – was authorised after psychologists confirmed that she was "without doubt a girl in a boy's body". It is the world's youngest ever full sex change operation and Kim had been undergoing hormone therapy since the age of 12.

Kim overcame years of taunts and bullying to achieve her dream of becoming a girl and has begun a modelling career and launched a CD.
Kim, who is now studying fashion design, began calling herself a girl when she was just two years old.

4 - Jaimi Tyrrell, UK, World's Youngest Wall Of Death Motorbike Rider (17yr)

A 17-year-old girl left school to land her first job as the world's youngest female Wall of Death rider - without a motorbike license. Jaimi Tyrrell joined a troupe of stunt riders after completing her GCSEs and now tours the UK and Europe. The daredevil teen hits speeds of up to 45mph on the vertical 20ft high wall as she rides horizontally around the 32ft wide cylinder.

Performing under the name Jaimi Starr, she cannot wear a helmet as this would affect the drag and she must keep a constant speed to beat the gravity that would otherwise pull her down. Jaimi insisted she had no regrets about her career choice and said she was attracted by the 'exciting' lifestyle of a stunt bike rider.The teenager was introduced to the motorbike world by family friend Ken Fox who runs the Ken Fox Troupe stunt riding show.

5 - Sindhuja Rajaraman, World's Youngest CEO (14yr)

Sindhuja Rajaraman, a 14-year old girl has become the world's youngest Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The ninth standard student became the head of Seppan Company, an animation firm, in October 2010, set up by her father.

She was adjudged the fastest 2D and 3D animator by software lobby NASSCOM (National Association of Software and Services Companies) at the Gaming and Animation Conclave 2010 held in Hyderabad. Rajaraman said: "I am just proud to be an animator. The CEO is just a post given in this company. I am learning animation for this CEO post to make myself worthy for the CEO post. There is no age bar or age limit for animation. Everybody can do animation". "The scope for animation in India is growing every day. There is going to be a big boom in India and all industries are into the animation, they need animation and multimedia. I am enjoying work and I am also getting challenging works" she added.

The company has 160 employees.

6 - Jaylan Amor, Australia, World's Youngest Surfer (2yr)

Jaylan Amor is only two years old, but is already surfing the waves outside of Brisbane, Australia, and has secured multiple endorsements from surf shops. To catch a wave, his dad paddles him out to sea, then the two year old hops and rides the waves back into shore. Mr Amor isn't worried if Jaylan falls, as the tike just swims back to his board and waits for daddy to help him back up.

7 - Ruby Dickinson, World's Youngest Tattoo Artist (4yr)

Ruby Dickinson is only four years old but she is already marking her mark in the world – with tattoos. The ink-credible Welsh toddler may be the world's youngest tattoo artist, according to published reports. At an age when most kids only think about playground swings, Ruby takes tattoo lessons after nursery school. She also practices with a toy kit in her father's tattoo shop.

8 - Akane Niikura, Japan, World's Youngest Sake Expert (10 yr)

A 10-year old-girl has become Japan's youngest expert on Sake, despite being far too young to drink the famous rice wine. Akane Niikura has passed the Sake Service Institute of Japan's test after earning her expertise on the ancient Japanese tradition solely through her sense of smell rather than palate. The fourth-grader can now advise others which type of sake complements certain foods.

9 - Miko Andres, Philippines, World's Youngest Practical Shooter (6 yr)

At the age of six, Miko Andres from the Philippines is thought to be the world's youngest competitive practical shooter. Practical shooting is a sport in which participants shoot rapidly at multiple targets around an obstacle course. His father says:
“As a growing, normal kid, Miko is also into other children's games. He enjoys the company of his schoolmates. He has been taught a lot of discipline and respect. Miko, I and his team coach, constantly talk about the dangers of the sport and we are always reminding him that he is in a ‘big boys' game and that safety is of the utmost importance.”

10 - Marko Calasan, Macedonia, World's Youngest IT Whiz (8yr)

Marko Calasan of Skopje, Macedonia, is the world's youngest certified computer system administrator at the age of eight. He could get a high-paying job, but he hasn't yet completed third grade! Marko learned to read and write at the age of 2 and started working on computers immediately. The news of his extraordinary achievement turned him into a local celebrity and he has even had an audience with the Macedonian Prime Minister, Nikola Gruevski, who presented him with an IT lab with 15 computers to practice on.
His parents, who are IT experts and run a computer school for children, are considering sending Marko abroad to a specialized institute of learning for gifted children, as none exists in Macedonia. Marko passed Microsoft's tests for IT professionals. He says he wants to create a new operational system for computers …when he grows up.

  • Reference/Source: Oddee.com by Gracie Murano [8/4/2011]

10 of the Things you do when you are disappointed with someone

According to Wiki, Disappointment the feeling of dissatisfaction that follows the failure of expectations to manifest. Similar to regret, it differs in that the individual feeling regret focuses primarily on the personal choices that contributed to a poor outcome, while the individual feeling disappointment focuses on the outcome itself.

As you certainly learned by the age of four or five, people will let you down repeatedly and consistently, through deeds of commission and omission. Am I overstating the case? Don’t think so. They will lie, mock, embarrass, mislead, provoke, double-cross, slander and make thoughtless errors in judgment that hurt you terribly. Hey, what do you expect? They’re human! The worst part, though, is not the casual matter-of-factness with which they do these things. It’s that they do them to you. And the challenge then becomes deciding what to do about it.

Here’s a multiple-choice menu I developed to help you explore options for reacting to this ongoing dilemma. You may want to select more than one category in any given circumstance, as all items are subject to change based on setting, diet and mood. Enjoy!

1 - Throw a tantrum

Sometimes people don’t fathom how serious the situation is, or how badly they’ve failed you…until you scream loudly. Forget abstractions. Show them in real time by acting out your rage and sense of betrayal. They’ll thank you for the clarity! Don’t forget to hurl a few extra-spicy epithets while you’re at it. Preparation and rehearsal are key to successful execution. Practice in front of a mirror or a friend, if you have one.
2 - Pout

Perhaps you were told otherwise as a child, but most folks really love this. It’s adorable…and effective! Just pretend that you’re Mommy’s little prince or Daddy’s little princess and see what happens. You can be angry without having to justify yourself or even admit to any feelings at all. No one gets their wishes met more quickly than the pouter. Stay the course and they’ll eventually come around.
3 - Condescend

Another time-honored strategy that will have your intended recipient dizzy with contrition. Superior is good; haughty is even better. Speak to the person as if they were mentally impaired. Ask for explanations and then respond by saying, “I don’t understand. Can you explain it again?” Interrupt whenever possible. Make ‘em squirm, back ‘em up against the wall and squish ‘em like helpless bugs. Then see how hard they try to win back your respect.
4 - Get even

Warm or cold, revenge is a delicious treat. Cook up a batch and watch the remorse eat away at your tormentor. There are so many different ways to inflict pain and humiliate…tantalizing choices all. You can punish your victim in secret or out in the open for everyone to see. Experiment and have fun with it!
5 - Criticize

Whether it’s directly to someone’s face or behind their back, this classic response will never go out of style. The more ridiculous they look, the more vindication you’ll feel. Brush up on the insults and let them fly.
6 - Get stone

Have a drink, smoke, snort or capsule. Numb those frazzled nerve endings and simply dull the pain. No one appreciates you anyway, right?
7 - Pontificate and intellectualize

It doesn’t matter what you say. What matters is that you can define everything on your own terms. Keep talking until their ears bleed.
8 - Ignore them

A personal favorite of mine, nothing sends a clear message like putting on the big chill. If you don’t acknowledge someone, they cease to exist. Problem solved!
9. Keep your head down and do your job

No commentary required. That’s life.
10 - Get over it

Get REAL! You are human and this do happens a lot. Just take this as a gift that we always human only have – the ability to feel things which can teach us to be better.

  • Reference/Source: bnet.com by Mark Jaffe(The Headhunter's Lament) [October 26, 2010]

10 of Hollywood's Tech Savvy Stars

Forbes.com, One of the best websites I usually check every time I need an updated list. I might say that they have been in my top 100 best websites I trusted and today I would like to share some post from them.

Most of us love gadgets and technology is our friend. From Teeny to Gramps, people can't deny the effect that this modernized civilization offers - not even star or celebrity. Tomio Geron (Forbes Social Markets) shared to us a list of Hollywood tech savvy stars.

Tomio quoted "Celebrities from Hollywood, music or the sports world seem to have a fascination with Silicon Valley and tech start-ups. Whether it’s the inner gadget geek, the urge to start a company, an interest in a quick-flip investment, a hope to be an hip early adopter, or just an interest in schmoozing with the next Ev Williams, celebrities seem to have a strong attraction to tech. Some like to show up at industry conferences, others invest in companies, while others just like to sign up for new web sites to boost their geek cred."

So here are the list of Top 10 Hollywood's tech savvy stars.

1 - Ashton Kutcher

He is better known for his acting career. But he has invested in tech companies including Skype, Airbnb, Likealittle and Milk. He recently started a tech investing fund called A Grade with Ron Burkle and Gary Oseary. Kutcher recently attended a Demo Day for incubator Y Combinator in Mountain View, Calif., drawing a crowd of wide-eyed entrepreneurs eager to talk to him.

2 - MC Hammer

MC Hammer, a.k.a. rapper Stanley Kirk Burrell has been a frequent guest at tech events in Silicon Valley with the likes of Ron Conway. Hammer also was an advisor to start-up DanceJam.com. Hammer here is seated with Conway in the audience during a town hall meeting with President Barack Obama, Wednesday, April 20, 2011, at Facebook headquarters in Palo Alto, Calif.

3 - Chamillionaire

He has become a regular at Silicon Valley tech conferences, where he says he wants to learn more about how new technology can affect the music industry. Most recently he attended the July 29 TechCrunch Crunchup at AOL in Palo Alto, Calif. He also has been a judge at a TechCrunch start-up conference.

4 - Tim Ferris

Bestselling author Tim Ferris (The 4-Hour Workweek) has also been an active angel investor in tech start-ups. His investments include Twitter, Reputation.com, DailyBurn and SimpleGeo. He's also an advisor for companies including Evernote, StumbleUpon and Uber.

5 - Kim Kardashian

She is a co-founder of online subscription shoe company ShoeDazzle.com, which has reportedly raised $60 million in total venture financing. The founder of the company is Brian Lee, a serial entrepreneur whose first company, LegalZoom is expected to go public soon.

6 - Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake is an investor in companies including Stipple, a photo advertising start-up, and Miso Media, a music education start-up.

7 - Curt Schilling

Former Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling is a founder of gaming start-up 38 Studios.

8 - Will.i.am

Will. i.am of the Black Eyed Peas in January was named director of creative innovation at chip giant Intel. (What that means exactly is unclear.) His geek cred was solidified in December 2010 when he wrote and performed a song about cloud computing for Salesforce.com at CEO Marc Benioff's keynote.

9 - Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga invested in Backplane, a social networking start-up, along with former Google CEO Eric Schmidt's Tomorrow Ventures.

10 - Shaquille O'Neal

Shaquille O'Neal joined Twitter in November 2008 and helped draw mainstream users to the service. He also used web video service 12seconds.tv, drawing massive traffic to that website. He still records spots regularly on video iPhone app Tout.

  • Reference/Source: Forbes.com by Tomio Geron (Social Markets) [08/05/2011]

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