Top Ten Most Popular Careers for 2010 in the UK

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  • Data Communications Analysts: More and more organizations now stay in touch internally and externally with other sites via networked communications. Analysts are responsible for overseeing the installation and maintenance of such networks, which are now becoming critical to the economic and social infrastructure.
  • Marketing Officer: Once existing solely in the private sector, the marketing function is also now an intrinsic aspect of organizational life in the public and voluntary sector. The development of the Internet has served to add to the marketing role, meaning that marketing opportunities continue to grow.
  • Software Engineers: The IT job sector grows in size as technological advances continue to be made. Computerized systems are ever more present in every area of organizational activity. Software engineers, who design and develop new applications to meet specific needs, are in ever greater demand.
  • Medical Administrator: There is an increasing need for administrators and clerical staff in the healthcare sector, which continues to grow.
  • Community Nurse: The development of primary healthcare sees more nursing activities taking place in the local community than ever before. The openings for community nurses, who perform non-surgical tasks in the home or other local settings, are increasing year on year.
  • Advertising Agency Account Executive: The media sector is becoming ever more specialized and complex, with an increasing number of specialist publications, broadcast channels and online media. An increasing level of targeted marketing through advertising is seeing growth in the number of opportunities for advertising executives.
  • Customer Services Assistant: The growth of Customer Relationship Management has led to the establishment of many more customer service teams, who are dedicated to responding to customer queries and fulfilling services requested by the telephone or online.
  • Information Officer: Digital technology has enabled organizations to store more data more efficiently than in the past. Consequently, more personnel are needed who can offer specialist skills in operating database software and information networks, retrieving and disseminating information as necessary.
  • Administrator: Secretarial jobs may be decreasing as the personal computer changes the shape of office processes, yet administrative jobs are growing, largely due to the centralization of organizational systems.
  • Engineer: There is a growing demand for highly trained, skilled personnel who are able to meet the needs of the mechanical, electrical, electronic, automotive, biomedical and civil engineering sciences.