The Top Ten Nanotech Trends for the 21st Century

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  1. Nanotech enterprises will provide the ultimate convergence of computers, networks, and biotech, and create products never before even imagined.
  2. Nano-devices-invisible, intelligent, and powerful-will be used in every industry redefining the limits of what's possible.
  3. Nanotech food compilers will create on-demand, low-cost, quality meals by assembling atoms into food.
  4. Smaller than the head of a pin, surgical nanobots will operate from within the human body.
  5. Nano-biology will prolong life, prevent illness, and increase people's health.
  6. Nano-enhanced humans will have physical, intellectual, and sensing powers superior to other humans.
  7. Nanotech will provide a cheap and available source of energy.
  8. Nano-factories will build on-demand products in an inexpensive, flexible, and rapid process.
  9. Nanotech will revolutionize the global economy, providing Power Tools that will produce high-tech products with low-cost and low-tech resources.
  10. Nanotech will create new choices that will alter human evolution, raise dramatic ethical issues, and challenge social norms.