Top 10: Legendary Cougars

Source: | They’re just a little bit older than the rest of the crowd, wear a bit too much makeup, wear clothes that are a little too tight, and scan for men with intensity. You may have even fallen prey to one yourself. They’re cougars, which is a species of older woman looking to snag a younger man for the night. While bars are typically their natural habitat, they also thrived in another environment -- the celebrity one. For your benefit, we’ve put together a top 10 list of legendary cougars.
From old to older to oldest, these legendary cougars have dominated their respective medium, be it in Hollywood, on TV or in music. While some have caught more men than others, one thing is clear: If they’re on the prowl, young men will never be safe.

See if your favorite legendary cougars made our list.

No.10 - Kim Cattrall

Kim Cattrall has played a legendary cougar on both TV and film -- and she’s one in real life. Her Samantha character on Sex and the City usually dated a significantly younger guy. In the real world, once her relationship ended with her third husband, who cowrote The Art of the Female Orgasm with her, Kim Cattrall looked for satisfaction from younger men. It has been rumored that Cattrall dated basketball players Steve Francis and Cuttino Mobley for a time. Now this legendary cougar is shacked up with a 28-year-old Canadian chef. For Kim Catrall, life imitates art very well.

No.9 - Halle Berry

Catwoman didn’t initially jump into cougardom. First, she married baseball player David Justice, but it didn’t work out. Then she hooked up with a musician, Eric Benet, which looked promising for a while, but he turned out to be a sex addict and things went south. Finally, Halle Berry assumed her role as one of the planet's hottest legendary cougars and mauled young model Gabriel Aubry, who is 10 years her junior. As she describes the encounter, “There were, like, just pheromones flying off the walls.” She has had her claws in him ever since.

No.8 - Susan Sarandon

Susan Sarandon is one of those legendary cougars whose sex appeal has attracted audiences for years. It has also attracted her share of younger men. Her first big pounce was on Italian director Franco Amurri in the mid ‘80s; she was around 40 while he was closer to 28. After this relationship ended, Susan Sarandon sank her claws into her next younger man, Tim Robbins. The two met on the set of Bull Durham in 1988, and while he’s currently closing in on 50, she’s now 61. They have two children and are still together.

No.7 - Joan Lunden

News anchor Joan Lunden made big news for her legendary cougar behavior. First she married a guy 10 years younger when she was nearly 50 -- and she decided to have kids. After no luck the natural way, they singed up for a “gestational surrogate” -- a woman who has no biological connection to the baby (aka a womb for hire) -- and had twins. Two years later, they had another set of twins through the same surrogate mother. Whether or not this cougar has slowed down her hunt to have another litter waits to be seen.

No.6 - Joan Collins

Joan Collins is popularly known for her role on Dynasty, but she is also a legendary cougar with a long line of young men. Like some of our other legendary cougars, she started off with men older or the same age. Then in the ‘80s she traded for youth; first she married Swedish singer Peter Holm, then she hooked up with art dealer Robin Hurlstone, who’s listed as 25 years younger than her. Not one to back down from a challenge, Joan Collins increased the age gap and married theater manager Percy Gibson, who is 32 years younger. The couple is still together.

No.5 - Candace Bushnell

The creator of Sex and the City, Candace Bushnell’s taste for men has always been open on the page. The popular chick series has plenty of cougar plot lines as female characters make their way around town with younger men either on their arm or in their bed. It’s said she based the show’s main character, Carrie, on herself. Her real life makes a strong argument: She recently married a ballet dancer (similar to a plot line) who is 10 years younger (another plot line). Stay tuned to see if this legendary cougar has been permanently tamed or has designs on more prey.

No.4 - Madonna

The Material Girl is a serious legendary cougar. Over the years, she’s brought back a notable collection of younger men to her cougar den. These include her one-time fitness trainer and now father to her daughter, Carlos Leon, who is eight years younger than her. Also, it’s rumored that Madonna dated magician David Blaine (14 years younger) before settling down with hubby Guy Ritchie, who is just 10 years younger. Now, with stories surfacing that Madonna got past third base with A-Rod (16 years her junior), it suggests that this legendary cougar may never give up the hunt.

No.3 - Raquel Welch

Raquel Welch is a legendary cougar who has maintained her beauty throughout her career. She’s played the cougar role on TV plus in real life. One of Raquel Welch’s most popular cougar conquests was her fourth husband, who was 15 years younger. However, the couple recently split. And in interviews Raquel Welch says she’s sworn off younger men because in those relationships she’s felt like a “terrible failure.” However, countless men would probably disagree about the effect she’s had on their lives.

No.2 - Ivana Trump

Once the Donald was done, Ivana Trump remarried -- but without success. Afterward, she flexed her cougar claws and zeroed in on younger prey. It was first rumored she snagged a young actor 36 years younger than her. After gnawing on him for a while, Ivana Trump moved on to another younger guy, this time he was only 24 years younger. At this point she hosted a reality series called Ivana Young Man, which was a show dedicated to the cougar pursuit and conquest of younger men by older women. For her part, Ivana sealed her legendary cougar status in 2008 by marrying her young catch.

No.1 - Demi Moore

Demi Moore leads the pack on this list of legendary cougars, but it didn’t start that way. She first looked ahead in years to snag older men. Demi Moore married Bruce Willis after two months of meeting and the couple has three daughters together. Soon Demi Moore honed her cougar technique and got permanent paparazzi attention for her relationship with Ashton Kutcher, who is 15 years younger. Quickly, she led him into her Kabbalah den and has kept his red bracelets tied up ever since.