10 funny Facebook statuses that will definitely trigger comments

Source: http://reface.me | OK, you got me: it’s not Saturday at all. But I was gone for the weekend and did not have a chance to post our weekly selection of funny Facebook Status Updates yet. Promise is debt, so I’ve given the today’s statuses considerable thought.

Facebook is mainly about sharing (information, photos, thoughts…) but interaction is key. Most of us don’t just want to get noticed, we want to know we’re getting noticed. We’re always hoping to score some “Likes” and maybe a comment or two. So I made up the following 10 Status Updates that are very likely to yield reactions from your Facebook friends:
1. …is A) Crazy, B) Drunk, C) Delirious, or D) All of the above.
2. …is A) Hot, B) Cool, C) Lukewarm, or D) Sub-zero
3. …is the only male/female left on earth. What would you do?
4. …should get A) a haircut, B) a tattoo, C) a piercing, or D) all of the above.
5. …should get A) an afro, B) dreadlocks, C) a mullet, or D) a moptop.
6. …is thinking about learning a new language. Suggestions are welcome.
7. …is at your house.
8. …grants you ONE wish…
9. …changed his/her status update just to see your reaction
10. …is playing hide-and-seek.
Let me know if they work, and feel free to add and amend!