10 of the Reasons Why We Love Twilight Books and Movies

What’s all the Twilight fuss about? Why do we love twilight? Have any of you really wondered why? Like as in physiological reasoning? Have any of you really wondered why were all so obsessed? I’m not insulting anyone I’m really insulting myself. I think it’s kind of pathetic how obsessed we all are with these books! It's not like there’s a fan site for the Laura Ingalls books or anything!!!(not that i know of at least) Usually people read a book, like it and move on. Of course with twilight that’s not the case at all! We read the book, LOVE IT, LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT and never stop LOVING IT!!! So in this blog post I’m going talk about why do we love these (freakin) awesome books so much? Feel free to comment and share your opinions!!!

We countdown the top 10 reasons why we love Twilight; no easy feat when there’s so many…
1 - Edward Cullen

He’s a drop dead sexy gorgeous vampire with time-honoured values. A true gentleman whose enduring patience and unconditional love has us yearning for a guy exactly like him – even if he believes himself to a “cold blooded killer.”

2 -
  It’s a tale of forbidden love

A modern-day Romeo and Juliet, Twilight is an epic love story in which star-crossed lovers, Bella and Edward, overcome insurmountable odds to be together.

3 -

 And they’re not just you’re ordinary vampires. They’re knicker-meltingly hot. For a myriad of generations, we’ve been intrigued by the mystery, immortality and eternal youth of such creatures. Forget Dracula, the Cullen family are the new chic vamps on the block.

4 -
Robert Pattinson

Relatively unknown until he hit the screen as Cedric Diggory in the Harry Potter: The Goblet of Fire, the hunky 23-year old has captured the hearts of females of all ages has gone on to be voted best actor at the MTV awards this year.

5 - We relate to Bella

Bella perceives herself to be nothing special and feels like she’s got nothing special to offer anyone. She’s dark-haired, pale, not at all sporty, uncoordinated, clumsy and a danger magnet. Yet, Edward falls deeply in love with her. It gives us hope that one day, we might meet our own Edward (and if not, at least we can read the books again or watch the DVD).

6 -
The plot

This is not just a soppy love story; it’s filled with gripping action, suspense and adventure with every page that’s frantically turned in search of the answer to ‘Will Edward turn Bella into a vampire?’ and ‘Who will she chose: Edward or Jacob?’

7 - The Twilight Saga movies

The book series we fell in love with are in the process of being captured on the big screen. Stephenie Meyer’s characters leap off the page in Technicolour, making Bella and Edward seem real – people we could actually be friends with.

8 - The Movie Soundtrack

Features the unique vocal styling of Robert Pattinson singing ‘Never Think’ and a host of great artist like Muse, Paramore and Linkin Park. This album debuted at number #1 on the Billboard 200 and sold 165,000 in the first week.

9 -
It’s unique

Twilight is not just another stereotypical vampire tale. The Cullen sparkle in the sunlight, are not afraid of garlic, nor do they sleep in coffins all day and wear black capes. They drive fast cars, have killer wardrobes and live in the most amazing house. It breaks all the vampire rules.
10 - Chic Wardrobe

Everything from Rosalie’s Vince Camuto Women’s Trish Pumps (valued at $197.03NZD) to Edwards pea coat and unique Cullen crested jewellery, reaches the epitome of style. Le sigh!