Top 10 Most Famous Hospitals In The World

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The 10 most famous hospitals in the world got to be so famous because of their standards of excellence in treating patients in multiple medical specialties.  Understandably the most famous hospitals in the world are also the best.  You will probably recognize most of the names from this list and understand why they are so famous based on why they were chosen.

One of the markers used to decide the best hospitals, which incidentally are also the most famous, is reputation.  To decide the rankings for the category of reputation 200 physicians in each medical specialty area are asked to decide on which 5 hospitals they would deem to be the best in their particular specialty when it comes to complicated or difficult cases.  This is just one of the markers used to rate hospitals.  This marker counted for 32.5% of the overall score.

Mortality Index
The next criterion used to evaluate the performance of hospitals is how good they are when it comes to keeping their patients alive, which seems like a highly appropriate test of a hospital’s quality.  To determine the rankings for this marker, Medicare inpatients admitted with certain conditions are looked at to see if they were still alive 30 days later.  These inpatient deaths were compared to the expected mortality rates for their respective conditions.  This marker counted for 32.5% of the total score.

Patient Safety Index
This marker consists of 7 different items regarding the mistakes that happen at even the best hospitals.  To give you an idea of the items included, two of them are when patients die while afflicted with conditions that did not put them at what is considered significant risk and when incisions that are made do not stay closed.  This criterion’s purpose is measuring how well a hospital does in minimizing the number of these errors to keep patients safe.  This marker made up 5% of the final total tally.

Other Care Factors
This category includes a number of care factors such as medical technology and nurse staffing.  This marker made up 30% of the final ranking.

The 10 Most Famous

There is something to be said when people choose the best hospitals to be the most famous.  This is putting the focus where it belongs, on those hospitals that are excelling in their fields.  These 10 most famous hospitals in the world are the ones you want to go to when it really counts.
  1. Johns Hopkins
  2. Mayo Clinic
  3. Massachusetts General Hospital
  4. Cleveland Clinic
  5. Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center
  6. New York-Presbyterian University Hospital of Columbia and Cornell
  7. University of California, San Francisco Medical Center
  8. Barnes-Jewish Hospital/Washington University
  9. Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
  10. Duke University Medical Center
These are the 10 most famous hospitals in the world and the criteria for why they became so famous.  It says a lot that people know the best hospitals to go to.  Greatness deserves to be acknowledged.