Top 10 Best Beaches in the World

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If you think about it, the beach is probably the most relaxing place you can go to here on planet Earth.

Beaches all over the world never fail to attract large numbers of tourists every time. But more than just tourist destinations, beaches are great getaways-they offer the “great escape” from all the hustle and bustle, exactly what every city-dweller needs.
Let us countdown some of the best beaches you should visit, rightful in their respective categories.
  1. Clifton Beach, Capetown, South Africa

    “Best Big City Beach”

    When you’re spending your vacation in this paradise, it’s kinda hard to imagine you’re “just minutes away from the center of a major cosmopolitan city.” During the day, it’s hard not to miss the friendly locals and the large flock of tourists who have come to relax and enjoy the crystal waters of Clifton. The nightlife the beach offers is a blast and should not be missed! There are several bars and restaurants to choose from, as well as accommodations ranging from backpacker-friendly to jet set havens. Yes, Clifton is definitely a haven for the glamorous tourists who flew in from around the globe.
    For accommodations visit Cape Venues
  2. Pink Sands Beach, Harbor Island, the Bahamas

    “Best Escape Beach”

    Pink Sands is a popular destination for tourists who want to spend their holidays in a more private and intimate manner, nothing like the cosmopolitan package Clifton offers. This beach is famous for the wide-mile stretch of, yes, pink sands. Anyone who comes to this part of the Island is stunned by how miraculously nature can create such fine, almost like baby powder-like sands. You will never forget the almost-endless crystal blue horizon while lying on your back outside or in the veranda of one of the few (almost fully-booked every time) hotels. It’s a perfect getaway for your two-week office work leave.
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  3. Larvotto Beach, Monte Carlo, Monaco

    “Best Rich and Famous Beach”
    The beaches (or whatever destination) in Monaco are pricey. You have to plan your vacay in this place well, bring with you lots of cash and make sure your credit cards are within reach because the whole adventure will cost you. However, you’ll feel like the luckiest person in the world when you spend great times in Monte Carlo’s prime beach, Larvotto. The tycoons and moguls, and some blue-blooded people who live in this planet with us, actually come to this place. It’s as if the whole place is a by-invitation-only getaway. But never lose heart, anyone can go to Monte Carlo and spend his/her own R&R (don’t be stressed by the prices!) on Larvotto!
    Here’s what the Travel Channel even said in one of its article about Larvotto:
    “Perhaps the single most decadently glamorous beach in the world is Monte Carlo’s Larvotto Beach, where women may go without their bikini tops, but wouldn’t dare to be seen without their jewels. In fact, Larvotto’s diamond-studded visitors are about the only thing that can compete with the sparkling Mediterranean water lapping along the sandy shore.”
    Now who doesn’t want to bask under the sun (who cares if it may cause us cancer) with these blessed ones?
    For more information about Larvotto beach visit the Travel Channel .
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  4. Poipu Beach, Kauai, Hawaii

    “Best Family Beach”

    It’s always the best time when you’re spending the holidays with your family. Especially for married couples with kids, Poipu beach offers fun, kid-friendly activities that can be enjoyed by the whole family. In Poipu, the whole family can take their vacation to a higher, more exciting level by engaging in different activities such as camping, ATV (all terrain vehicles) riding, bicycling downhill, surfing, hiking, scuba diving, and other kid-friendly activities. But the best that Poipu can offer will have to be the helicopter rides the whole family can take! Yup, kids are allowed to experience the view of Poipu from the top, as long as their parents or guardians will accompany them during the trip. This is probably the most extraordinary way to enjoy your whole stay in Poipu!
    For a unique experience and the best way to view Poipu (and the rest of the Island) visit Helicopters-Kauai
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  5. South Beach, Miami, Florida

    “Best Body Beach”

    This is one of the most famous beaches for tourists in America, and it has been a favorite playground for Miami locals and foreign nationals alike. The party in South Beach is a year-round event, because everywhere you look everyone just seems to be having so much fun! Whether you’re hanging out with your friend in the beach or checking out the different cultural exhibits along the streets near South Beach, the fun just never stops it’s almost like crazy. So if you’re looking for a worldwide-like convention of all the different cultures flocking Miami every time, this is the place to go. It’s great for meeting different nationalities, checking out the local art scene, and partying all-night long!
    For the relaxing hotel experience, right in the heart of the Art Deco District, visit Hotel Dorchester
  6. Paradise Beach, Mykonos, Greece

    “Best Party Beach”
    Being the most popular among young people, Paradise Beach in Mykonos offers a nude-tolerant atmosphere. Tourists who come here come for the enjoyment of being around similarly adventurous and fun-loving people. It has been named by different travel shows in Europe and the US as one of the world’s best party beaches. Probably the reason why this is so is because of the numerous beach bars around Mykonos. In Paradise beach, the cafes are organized and very tourist-friendly that you will never have to worry if someone will attend to your needs. You can sit back and enjoy the view of the beach while drinking with the friendly locals or with one or more of the intrepid travelers around like you.
    For more information on what to do and where to go in Mykonos, go to Mykonos Web
  7. Ipanema Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    “Best Bikini Beach”

    The beauty of Ipanema magnets travelers from all over. Yearly, the beach welcomes tens of thousands of tourists who hail from different nations. And when you say Ipanema, it’s synonymous with ‘summer’ in Rio because this is where the beautiful locals and tourists too, come to spend their summer days. Now you must know that when you come to Ipanema, it’s a must to wear as little clothing as possible. Brazilians believe that when you go to the beach, you must show skin and bake yourself under the glorious sun of Rio.
    So pack lightly when you’re planning to come to Ipanema, because you won’t be needing those clothes really. Ipanema
  8. Surfers Paradise, Queensland, Australia

    “Best Activity Beach”

    This beach near the commercial center along Gold Coast is a haven for surfers from Australia and even from other countries. But aside from surfing, there are plenty of other activities to enjoy. The beach area offers a wide range of water sports like jetski, as well as beach volleyball. You can also enjoy the water but never get wet by joining one of their fishing charters or whale watching cruises. If you’d rather stay dry on land, maybe some bungee jumping or golfing will do for you. Clearly the list of activities to do in the beach is endless, and if you’re the one who’d spend your holidays relaxing but wouldn’t want to get out of shape, this is the place to go.
    Australian Explorer
  9. Maroma Beach, Yucatan, Mexico

    “Best Romantic Beach”

    This beautiful paradise located in the Yucatan jungle is a prime destination for honeymooners and simple tourists alike. The sight of the crystal waters will stick with you like an unforgettable kiss forever, and you’ll find yourself coming back for more. The tropical climate gives tourists cool nights and wonderfully sunny days, while enjoying the solitude the beach offers. It’s perfect for couples who want to privately spend their vacation, where intimacy will never come hardly as the harmony of the beach and the natural wonders around will surely inspire you.
    Aside from its natural beauty, this hideaway is preserving the wonders of natural wildlife in its own “ecological park-like theme”, which means it’s not just any resort, it’s a natural preservation area.
    Although near the spring break capital of Cancun, you can be sure that you will not be disturbed by all the partying neighbors.
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  10. Anse Source D’Argent, La Digue, Seychelles

    “The Best Beach”
    This eternal paradise has been voted as the “best beach in the world” by different travel shows around the globe. It is also probably the most photographed because of the stunning beauty it has. No one can resist the charm of this natural wonder and everyone who has seen pictures of the beach come to Seychelles to experience the best in the world for themselves.
    This is absolutely a place you must not hesitate to spend your holidays in. Once you’ve been to this place, life amazingly becomes more worthwhile.
    Even in photos the beach is just magnefique!