The Top Ten Robotic Trends for the 21st Century

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  1. Robots in both physical and electronic forms will become integrated into our society.
  2. Robots will express functional emotions and reasoning.
  3. Advanced robots-androids-will appear similar to human beings and fill roles in commerce, community, and government.
  4. Robotic efficiency and precision will transform manufacturing, medicine, space travel, research, and industry and displace skilled human labor.
  5. The robotics industry will become a multi-billion dollar global business, spawning many new careers and business opportunities.
  6. Human beings will adopt robotic human enhancements to achieve superhuman capabilities.
  7. Cyborgs-part human, part robot-will develop skills superior to natural humans to meet the demand of specialized jobs.
  8. We will encounter serious ethical, security, and social issues due to our robotic creations.
  9. Robots will provide convenience, safety, and productivity that will benefit humanity and profoundly impact lifestyles.
  10. Androids will achieve a basic level of self-awareness.