The Top Ten Electronic Education Trends for the 21st Century

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  1. Electronic education via the Net will enable interconnected learning experiences, choices, and opportunities for billions worldwide.
  2. Educational content will be delivered by new computer, interactive TV, satellite, and Internet technologies in the new millennium.
  3. Interactive online multimedia and multidimensional content will revolutionize learning.
  4. Self-paced, self-directed individualized virtual learning will dominate business training.
  5. Students and teachers will prefer on-demand virtual learning to traditional school programs
  6. Corporations will prefer Net-based training where workers can learn at their own pace.
  7. Virtual Reality scenarios that depict real-world and fantasy experiences will increase the learning impact for all types of education.
  8. Real-time Net chats with other global learners will make virtual education a satisfying social experience beyond the limits of time and distance.
  9. Teachbots-smart agents-will transform education, providing personalized guidance when and where people need it.
  10. People will learn to design their own electronic learning programs, which will increase their understanding, skills, creativity, and career choices.