Top 10 Sources for Funny Facebook Status Messages

Source: | Ever wanted to just say something on your Facebook page? Something funny for your status message that will make your friends and family chuckle? Check out this BH article for funny Facebook status messages.

Do you have a Facebook page, but never know what to say on it? Do you log in and see that all your friends have these funny messages that they post and then wonder, how can I be that funny or witty with my status? Well, there's no need to fear. Below are listed a few websites where you can get inspiration for those funny Facebook status messages.

The below sites are not just for Facebook; they can be used for other social networking sites as well, like Twitter and My Space. Here are spots 1-10.
  1. Facebook - A great website for geting witty and funny Facebook statuses, as well as funny videos that you can post for your friends to see.
  2. Funny Facebook Status - Containing a huge collection of one sentence status messages which follow your name when your friends see the update, such as 'Bright Hub is training to be a ninja'.
  3. Failbook - From the site that brought you LOL Cats, Failbook collects a number of humorous status messages that others have posted on their Facebook. This is a site you should check before posting things you probably shouldn't.
  4. Facebook Status blog - A blog site that contains witty status messages that you can use. Looks to be updated every other month.
  5. 50 Funny Facebook Ideas - A listing of 50 funny Facebook status messages
  6. 101 Facebook Statuses - Presented by Geeker's Magazine, these are 101 funny status messages.
  7. Bloody Cabbagatory - A funny site in its own right, BC has a couple of pages with some worthy status messages
  8. Reface Me - Has several different funny and weird status messages that they do for their Status Saturdays.
  9. What the Facebook - Much like Failbook, this has a listing of those FB status messages that make you go hmmmm.
  10. Web Informer - A general listing of all of the sites in which you can get funny Facebook status messages
Whether or not you use some of these within your Facebook profile, you will at least get a good laugh or a bit of amazement with how people go about using their Facebook.