The Top Ten Health Care Trends Impacting the Pharmaceutical Industry in the 21st Century

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  1. Most hospitals, clinics, trauma centers, physicians, and patients will be connected to one large health care knowledge network enabling access to medical information, drug interactions and interventions.
  2. Consumer health information that is accessible over a variety of electronic platforms over the Internet, digital TV and wireless will become in demand worldwide.
  3. The medical industry will face ethical and social dilemmas over the proper management of patient genomic information.
  4. Health care professionals, available via remote Internet connections, will provide more access to health services as we move towards tele-health care.
  5. Medicalbots, nonhuman intelligence agents, will dispense medical care to patients and doctors worldwide over a smart health care architecture.
  6. Advanced nanotechnology, the manipulation of matter at the atomic level, molecular biology and post-genomic medicine will eliminate many diseases, accelerate healing, and increase longevity.
  7. Health, lifestyle and performance enhancement will be the largest global market for the pharmaceutical industry.
  8. A new generation of smart drugs, implants, and medical devices will enhance our health, disease prevention and longevity.
  9. In Silico virtual simulations will become essential to medical training, drug discovery and life science development.
  10. Personalized health care that is customized for us-designed to monitor, diagnose, treat, educate, and intervene -will transform medicine.