Top 10 Creepy Pets

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Creepy crawly pets are critters that have the potential to bring out phobias in many people. However, every kind of pet on this list makes a good pet if matched with the right owner. Be warned though: the pets on this list may surprise, shock, or even scare some of your family and friends!

1. Tarantulas

Big hairy spiders - need I say more? Just remember that tarantulas are not as dangerous as many people believe, and they are compact, quiet, clean pets.

2. Hissing Cockroaches

Okay, not many insects are as universally loathed as cockroaches. But really, these giant cockroaches are perhaps the ultimate in low maintenance pets, and are sturdy and slow enough to be handled quite easily.

3. Giant Millipedes

Did you know that millipedes don't have a thousand legs? Still, a their 100-400 legs and giant size (up to 10 inches long) make African giant millipedes a little scary for many people. However, they are really quite docile and easy to look after.

4. Emperor Scorpions

As far as scorpions go, emperors are the most suitable as pets. At an adult size of 6 inches with good sized claws and a big stinger these chunky black scorpions are pretty intimidating pets. Despite their scary looks, they are quiet, undemanding and quite long-lived.

5. Snakes

Snakes are another pet that some people find absolutely terrifying. Snakes come in a wide range of types and sizes (which should be carefully considered before getting a snake), and usually become quite tame and make excellent pets.

6. Rats

Rats still conjure up images of disease carrying pests inhabiting murky sewers for many people, but rats are really among the most ideal of pets. They are very social and enjoy interaction with their humans, and they are loaded with personality.

7. Lizards

Lizards are another group of animals that is the subject of many unfounded fears. Although they are generally not low maintenance pets, they can make great pets for owners prepared for their demands. There are a wide variety of lizards available as pets, and some are quite lovely in both appearance and temperament.

8. Frogs

Frogs are another largely misunderstood creature. From cute little dwarf aquatic frogs to homely giant bullfrogs, frogs can be very interesting pets. Although not really low maintenance pets, some are quite easy to care for and long-lived, and some are quite vocal with beautiful calls.

9. Stick Insects

These nifty little critters are very intriguing - their natural defense is excellent camouflage among the branches they live in. However, many people would not appreciate sharing their home with a four inch insect that excels at hide and seek. They are quite easy to care for and fascinating to watch.

10. Giant African Land Snails

Giant African land snails (GALS) are not available in the US, but are surprisingly popular in the UK. These snails are definitely giants, with some species reaching a foot long as adults. Imagine one of the these beauties crawling over your hand! However, they are fairly easy to care for, and they reproduce very readily (one reason they are not allowed into the US!).