10 of the Best Smartphones (Top Picks 2011)

Best Smartphones 2011

"With millions of smartphones and tablets expected to be sold in 2011, wireless technology is hot." - Forbes.com

I’m not a techie type when it comes to choosing what kind or brand of smartphones to purchase. Well, a time comes and I need to buy one not just for enjoyment kind-of-thing but also to ease my blogging activities when I’m on mobile mode like out of town or alike. From the succeeding months, a huge amount of smartphones with poor quality has been circulating throughout the market – which is the main topic of this post. Despite the amounting number of this stuff, few of them excel with their showcase of good performance and reliability to users.

I’ll be in agreement that prices are much lower than the chief smartphones in market. Ok, enough with this nonsense bubbling about these because as I’ve said I am not a techie guy. So order to compile this list, my friends from Findthebest.com is here to show their comparisons about the best smartphones in the market 2011.

10 - HTC myTouch 4G, HTC
9 - T-Mobile G2x, T-Mobile
8 - Motorola DROID X, Motorola
7 - HTC DROID Incredible, HTC
6 - Samsung Epic 4G, Samsung
5 - HTC Sensation 4G, HTC
4 - Apple iPhone 4 8GB, Apple
3 - Apple iPhone 4S, Apple
2 - Motorola DROID RAZR, Motorola
1 - Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Samsung

Compare All Smartphones! Check out these other comparisons like Tablets, HDTVs, Laptops, Headphones, and look for a detailed top 10 coming to Always10 - Top 10 List Collection soon!

10 of the Best Ways to Be a Good Wife

I know, you want to be the best wife for your husband, but what does that mean? Well, eventually, it's up to you and your husband to establish the needs of your relationship and how each partner can do their part to accomplish those needs--and here are 10 advices or guiding principle to start off. However, keep in mind that a marriage is a partnership, so your husband wishes to make an effort too!

1 - Pamper Yourself

The very first thing you must do to be a good wife is to take care of yourself so that you feel good! Eat healthy, exercise regularly and maintain the way you look so that you remain the most attractive woman in his life! Irrespective of your age, if you look good, you will definitely feel better.
2 - Appreciate Him

According to a survey men like to be appreciated. So say a sweet ‘thank you’ when you see that he has made any effort, whether it is for you, your kids or for your house. Your compliments and appreciation will put a smile on his face and joy in his heart.
3 - Make your Husband a Priority

It often happens that wives are so occupied in their every day household chores and kids that they start taking their husbands for granted. Don’t do that. Instead try to spend quality time with your husband.

4 - Tell Him that He is Important

Let him know that he is important for you. Try to take interest in his hobbies and work. But make sure that you don’t overdo it. Be there for his support and not as an obstacle to his freedom.

5 - Give him Space

Every one needs some time to relax, socialise with friends or simply to be alone. To be a good wife, encourage your husband to socialise with family, friends and do the things he enjoys the most.

6 - Don’t Force Him to Change

Never force your husband to behave or act in a particular manner. Most behavioural experts suggest you cannot change others' behaviour. For instance, if you are outgoing and like to socialise and your husband is shy then you can either cut short the duration of social activity or go by yourself. But make sure to thank him when he attends a party for you. If you find something really annoying, then simply let him know or use positive reinforcement for changing that habit.

7 - Have Friends

Most women shrink their social network after marriage and become totally dependent on their husband. Don’t expect your husband to be your partner, lover and best friend. Instead make good friends and have fun. This will help you to bring new energy to your married life.

8 - Believe in your Husband

Even though most men show their brave side to world but at times, they do lack confidence and fear failure. Let him know that the love of his life believes in him even when he does not believe himself.

9 - Pay Compliments

Complimenting to your husband can actually help your relationship. Men like compliments as much as the women do. So keep complimenting!!

10 - Keep the Romance Alive

Marriage does not mean the end of romance. Be affectionate to your partner and let him know that you still find him interesting. You can plan a romantic date, initiate sexual foreplay or simply write a love note and see the smile on his face widening!

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10 of the Different Forms Of Mochi You Could Enjoy This Thanksgiving

Today, I will be presenting to you the different mochi forms which you could enjoy eating this thanksgiving. As we know it, mochi has gone a long way from being a Japanese sticky rice cake to including it in soups, making waffles and the like. There are different food forms that we people enjoy eating and I would like you to see how you could enjoy this flavorful mochi the way you want. If you don’t want it in it’s plain sticky rice cake form, well grab this opportunity and look through the enticingly creative foods made of the oh so famous mochi. Get ready to be hungry and rest assured you will be looking into one of the mochi forms you will see here.

Here they are:
1 - This cute mochi cupcakes will surely get the kids attention. What a better way to treat your children is to give them some healthy snack in a form they love the most, sweets. This is very enticing and could be a good avenue to feed kids that are picky when it comes to food.

2 - Now, everybody wants frozen yogurt since it became a craze. This gave creative people a way to top those healthy and yummy frozen yogurt with mochi. Apart from the fruits you put in frozen yogurt, you could now enjoy it with those little mochi balls or even mix both.

3 - If you want to retain the sweet and original taste of mochi with a little twist, fry it. This is one is the closest to the original form because you just fried it. This one is also my favorite of all the mochi apart from munching those mochi balls raw.

4 - Another way to enjoy those sweet mochi in a sweeter and yummier form is by eating a mochi waffle. What a delight to jumpstart your day with this hearty breakfast plus your favorite cup of coffee. What a match that makes me salivate now. Makes me think of eating this yummy mochi waffle tomorrow morning with a cup of Torani flavored coffee. A lovely day, indeed!

5 - Agadeshi mochi soup served before your main course; why not give it a shot! A one-of-a-kind soup with full flavors of spices plus the vegetables; I'm getting hungry now!

6 - Another yummy mochi dessert, mochilato or mochi gelato! Everyone's old-time favorite, ice cream with a twist of mochi. If you haven't tried one, you're missing half of your life so you better hurry up and grab some mochilato or you'll regret it for the rest of your life. I think, that says it all!

7 - Mochi sushi? This is a full flavor of Japan, sushi and mochi in one! I'm pretty sure this is going to be a heavy meal. With the sushi alone, you'll get full easily plus the mochi that's a real hunger filler. You better braze yourself with this fully loaded treat.

8 - For mom's out there who loves to bake, this mochi pie will put a grin in your family's face. Expect those hugs and kisses from your husband and kids when they tasted this outrageously delectable mochi pie. You could also put in some flavors in your pie to make it more appealing and yummy. A sure fire hit only from the best, our loving mom's.

9 - Mochi pizza? Are you kidding me? The first time I heard of it, it made me puke! Imagine those fresh fruits, vegetables, plus the pepperoni and cheese only to be put in a mochi? I don't think so! But wait, the skepticism just turned into a new found glory. This is one of the best tasting pizza I ever tried in my entire existence. You better try one and share it with your friends on a Friday night.

10 - Thinking of what are you going to bring in your pot lock this Thanksgiving? Why don't you surprise everyone with this one-of-a-kind dessert and don't forget to click that shutter button the moment your family tasted it. You will surely be delighted by the oh so yummy expression on their face.

I’m sure you also have your favorite mochi form. Hopefully you got one favorite on the above list of the ten of the most delightfully tasting mochi food form. I hope this blog post ignited your palate’s craving or ignited your quest to try something extraordinary; something you haven’t tried before.

Don’t be afraid to explore different foods and just enjoy whatever it is that satisfies your palate’s criteria for something delicious. If you want some mochi or Torani syrups, you could visit Lollicupstore.com and try on something extra ordinary. Happy eating!

About the author: Victoria Vynes

She is a food blogger, a self-confessed mochi addict and coffee junkie which you could actually notice in all her blog posts. Being a food blogger, she loves discovering new food of different cuisine and travels to different parts of the world to have a taste of authentic food recipes.

10 of the Biggest College Basketball Stories 2011

It has been a month since both the UAAP and the NCAA declared a respective champion in the men's basketball tournament, the main headliner of both the two league. Apart from the crowning of the San Beda Red Lions (in the NCAA) and the Ateneo Blue Eagles (in the UAAP), however, more news happened during the course of the college basketball season that changed the complexion of both the NCAA and the UAAP. I'm here to track down the 10 biggest headlines of this year's cage wars. Half of them comes from the NCAA, while the other half are UAAP headlines.

Let's start with the NCAA top headlines.

5 - The Overrated and the Underrated Within the Walls

There's a tie for fifth and sixth in my biggest NCAA headlines, but since Letran and Mapua are neighboring schools along the Intramuros area, why not make a 2-in-1 recap? Prior to the season, the Letran Knights were tagged as underdogs, in fact long shots, while the Mapua Cardinals were tagged as playoff contenders with the arrival of big man Yousef Taha and explosive scorer Josan Nimes. What happened after? Letran went on a hot streak, going 7-2 in the first round, while the Cards struggled early, entering the second round with a 3-6 slate. Mapua began to sizzle in Round 2, behind the heroics of Nimes, the eventual Rookie of the Year, Taha, and team captain Allan Mangahas, but Letran stayed in their top form thanks to combo guard Kevin Alas, dominant banger Jam Cortes, rookie point Mark Cruz, and Most Improved Player awardee Raymund Almazan. The Knights smoothly entered the semis, while the Cardinals fell short of making the Final Four. Did the analysts overrate the Cards? Did they think the Knights are a bust? We don't know, but we can expect from these teams more next year.
4 - Here Come the Pirates

The NCAA welcomed a new team in the Lyceum of the Philippines University Pirates. Many expected the Pirates would end up as the whipping boys this year, but Lyceum shocked them instead. The Pirates stunned the CSB Blazers and the Perpetual Help Altas in Lyceum's maiden two voyages to NCAA supremacy, instantly becoming the talk of the town. While they would lose the next two, LPU made headlines anew by beating Mapua and Arellano next. The Pirates would hit the ship refueling area with a 4-5 card, but they would set sail again with a stunning win over JRU to get even with the Heavy Bombers, who defeated them just a week earlier. But starting with a blowout loss to Mapua, Lyceum began to crumble, especially after losing veteran Allan Santos to personal reasons. The Pirates would be eliminated after losing to San Sebastian, but they would repeat over the Blazers to end their season on a high note and with a stern warning to the other NCAA teams, "We, the Pirates, are for real!"
3 - The Carlo Lastimosa Case

Another team who were in playoff contention this year were the Blazers, but College of Saint Benilde had other issues to tackle with. Early in the second round, news broke out that swingman Mark Romero, a transferee from FEU, left the team to undisclosed reasons. With the news reported during the registration period for the 2nd trimester of CSB (just like its brother school just across Taft Avenue), it was presumed that Romero's problems had something to do with his enrollment. But Carlo Lastimosa's case was even a bigger issue. Becoming an instant star, the news about Lastimosa, who also had registration concerns and had to leave not just the Blazers but also CSB, became a subject of rumors and headlines on various sports news. There were rumors that spread out that Lastimosa would be transferring to San Beda, Ateneo, his uncle's, Jojo Lastimosa's alma mater, or at La Salle's main campus just across the street. Carlo's enrollment matter were already settled and suited up again for the Blazers, but it was a bit too late as the Blazers, who entered the second round tied with Lyceum at number 4 at 4-5, were shown the door with only 2 wins in the last 9.
2 - Championshp Number 19!

In what many thought would be a championship year for San Sebastian under rookie coach Michael "Topex" Robinson, the San Beda Red Lions stayed consistent throughout the season and stole the limelight from the Golden Stags by sweeping the latter in the NCAA Finals. Thanks to veterans Garvo Lanete, Dave Marcelo, the Semerads, Dave and Anthony, and the Pascuals, Jake and Kyle, San Beda remained tough and took advantage of a late Baste downfall to win their 19th NCAA title, tying Letran for the most seniors' basketball championships. Aside from that, they proved that they can win a championship without an import, in this case Sudan Daniel, who didn't play due to a torn ACL. However, the celebration, which I know is still continuing till today, might be cut short as rumors were buzzing around that the Semerad twins, both Anthony and Dave Semerad, are packing their gears in Mendiola and are bound for Katipunan Avenue, transferring to Ateneo. No confirmations are being made as of press time.

1 - The Miracle Run

The championship run of San Beda barely missed on overshadowing JRU's big-time run to the Final 4. Entering the 2nd round with a not-pleasing-to-the-eye 3-6 slate, the Heavy Bombers lost their next three assignments, kicking off the next round on a sour note and with analysts thinking JRU's done for the year. That time, I was already thinking about a Mapua, CSB, and Lyceum race for the wildcard. Then the unthinkable happened. Nate Matute, who struggled in the first round, waxed hot late in the season, and with the help of veterans John Lopez, Jeckster Apinan, and Alex Almario, the Heavy Bombers won their last six games, including a shock upset over San Beda and the playoff berth-clinching demolition of Mapua, to enter the semis, besting the Blazers, the Pirates, and of course the Cards. Although the Lions got back at them, they earned much respect for the winning streak. Expect JRU to bomb next year.

Now off to the UAAP top headlines

5 - Where 33-Point Turnaround Happens

Speaking of unthinkables, add this to the collection. The Adamson Soaring Falcons were ahead by 17 halfway through the second quarter of their second round meeting with UST. The Growling Tigers, looking to enter the Final 4, stepped on the gas from there. Thanks to the Jerics, Jeric Teng and Jeric Fortuna, with rookies Kevin Ferrer and Karim Abdul and athletic veteran Chris Camus, the Tigers turned the tides, overcame the deficit, and even beating the Falcons by 16. That's a 33-point turnaround! Not just that this was the biggest comeback win this year, the UST win over Adamson might come down as the biggest turnaround the UAAP has ever seen.
4 - Make Way for the Freshmen

Ferrer and Abdul are just two of a number of explosive rookies we saw this year. While the NCAA has the likes of Josan Nimes, Yousef Taha, Jonathan Grey, and Baser Amer, the UAAP has Kevin, Karim, Kiefer Ravena, Gelo Alolino, and Bobby Parks. Ravena, from Ateneo, won the Rookie of the Year award, starting a new legacy left off by Kiefer's dad, former PBA and MBA superstar Bong Ravena. Parks, on the other hand, won the MVP. Parks, a son of former PBA import Bobby Sr., could have been the ROY as well, if not for that rule disqualifying rookies who did not come straight from high school to win the freshman plum. Nevertheless, both Parks, Ravena, and the rest of the aforementioned rookies will return next year to continue building their already legendary legacy here. Talk about the deepest rookie batch ever in college basketball.
3 - No Sweep...

Entering the 2nd meeting of the Adamson Soaring Falcons and the Ateneo Blue Eagles, people were already talking about the stepladder format. The UST counter-blowout against Adamson was still abuzz. They were also talking about the UP Pep Squad coloring their hairs blonde and what stuff they will show in the cheerdance competition, turned out to be a way to do the grand slam (Oops! Sorry, Talk 'n Text fans). The Falcons, who were sealing the twice-to-beat edge then, made no hesitation to do the act immediately. AdU broke free from a close 1st half and blew out ADMU, 62-46, to stop the Blue Eagles from sweeping the season. Apart from that, the Falcons won for the first time in 30 meetings in the UAAP, dating back to the 1997 season. For Adamson, they cherished the moment as if they already won the title. Though they didn't do so in the UAAP, they are continuing the winning run on the PBA D-League.

2 - ...No Problem

The loss to Adamson did not hinder Ateneo from cementing their legacy in the UAAP. Ateneo would win three straight, a nail-biter against UST in the semis, and sweeping FEU in the finals, to clinch their sixth UAAP seniors' basketball crown. What made it more special was that they won their fourth consecutive championship, the fourth to complete the 4-peat. The teams who accomplished the same feat prior to the Blue Eagles' reign were the 1965-71 UE Red Warriors, the 1993-96 UST Growling Tigers, and the 1998-2001 De La Salle Green Archers. Credit that to Finals MVP Nico Salva, who dominated the court with his veteran moves.
1 - FEU Did The Petron!

Although the FEU Tamaraws fell prey to the Ateneo Blue Eagles in the UAAP Finals, the Tams proved to everyone that they can still pull off the rug against all odds. They had a twice-to-beat disadvantage in their Final 4 encounter with Adamson, picked to make the Finals by many, including me. But FEU showed their might and championship experience in the semis. They blew off the Soaring Falcons in the first game (technically the second because of AdU's twice-to-beat incentive, equivalent to a 1-0 lead in a best-of-three) and played well despite the late rally ignited by Adamson star Alex Nuyles to escape with a 59-49 win. FEU would stave off another late rally of Adamson, this time led by Jeric Cañada, to win the rubber match, 76-73. Although they would lose to Ateneo, FEU still fought gallantly. Many believed when I posted a blog entitled Can FEU Do the Petron?, and I was convinced with them. FEU DID THE PETRON!

About Ivan Saldajeno, the author

a BS Mathematics student at the University of the Philippines-Los Baños. He was the sports editor for The Palawenian, the English school paper of the Palawan National School from 2003-2005. He is one of the page administrators for the Facebook college sports page Kasali ang School Ko sa NCAA or UAAP, and he is one of the bloggers and moderators of FlipRap. His passion in writing sports articles is still ablaze through his sports blogs: Sporty Guy and Hoops Atbp. These blogs talk about basketball, soccer, boxing, and other various sports locally and internationally.

10 of the Advance SEO Terminologies You Should Know!

Being a blogger and a Virtual SEO Assistant, we need to do a search engine optimization in our blog or site for it appear in search engines. Now,some of you may or may not know about SEO, however, there are some SEO terminologies that we need to know in order to fully understand how SEO work for our blogs or websites.

Let me add the fact that there are hundreds of SEO glossaries out there too, but, here are some of the TOP 10 SEO terms that I want to share to all as I think it may be useful. SEO Professionals and newbies can benefit on this list as it can help broaden their knowledge on SEO.
1 - Crawl

(Noun) The process by which search engines retrieve content from a Website, including the criteria used to determine rates and priorities of crawl. From the perspective of an SEO, crawl can be influenced or managed through internal and external resources.
2 - Filthy Linking Rich Principle

(Noun phrase) The more links a document has accrued, the more links the document will accrue. Stated another way, the more visible a document is in search engine results, the more likely the document is to accrue links, and hence the more visible the document becomes in search engine results.

3 - Indexer

(Noun) A type of program that search engines use to update their databases with information about retrieved and parsed Web documents. You rarely see even knowledgeable SEO forum moderators and admins speak of indexers and parsers, perhaps out of a misguided concern that they will confuse people who are new to search engine optimization. Unfortunately, those new people visit the forums to learn about SEO, so teaching them the wrong terminology does them a great disservice.
4 - Influencer

(Noun) A Web site or individual whose content is deemed to be influential in adjusting search result (q.v.) rankings, usually either through the creation of new content or the placement of links to other documents. Some blogs (q.v.) can be powerful influencers.
5 - Link mass

(Noun phrase) The combination of all connected links that lead to any given page in a hypertext document collection. Absolute link mass cannot be measured. Relative link mass can be approximately measured.
6 - Naturality

(Noun) 1) A metric or measure of a range of search listings (q.v.) for a query which are not optimized to be included in the search results. A perfectly natural search result (q.v.) has a Naturality value of 1.0, reflecting the fact that none of the search listings (q.v.) are optimized for placement in the result. 2) The characteristic of being natural in the sense of not having been optimized for inclusion or ranking within a group or collection of natural, transparent, or opaque objects.
7 - Parasitical SEO

(Noun phrase) The practice of “riding coat-tails” for one’s own advantage. Parasitical SEO tactics may include: creating competitive content about well-established brands (common in affiliate marketing), injecting content onto an established Web site without the site owner’s knowledge or approval, dropping links into comments and discussions on popular blogs and forums, etc.
8 - Quality Links

(Noun phrase) A nonsense expression with no real value or purpose other than to act as a catchall for the types of links people think are better than “those other links”. Googlers use “quality links” as a subtle way of telling people to stop getting cheap spammy links. Many SEO forum moderators and admins use “quality links” in a somewhat broader but similar fashion, if only because they don’t know exactly what criteria make links good for any particular search engine but they recognize that people who are asking about linkage have a problem. Nearly everyone else seems to use the expression to refer to their (usually non-performing) backlinks. I wrote about high quality links at SEOmoz (in a post designed to rank for “high quality links” on the basis of content but the lesson passed over everyone’s head, except for Aaron Pratt who saw what I was doing right away).

9 - SERP (Acronym for Search Engine Results Page)

Everyone seems to know this acronym by now. I have always hated it even though I now reluctantly use it. SRP (search results page) would be better, since it’s all inclusive. You can have a DRP (Directory Results Page) which some people might argue should be called a DSRP (Directory Search Results Page). I still get click throughs from Yahoo! and DMOZ directory page listings (or a DLP, Directory Listings Page).
10 - Universal Search

(Noun phrase) The practice by major search engines like Ask, Google, Live, and Yahoo! of melding results from several search databases to provide the user with a more diverse selection of search listings (usually combining video, news, blog, Web, book, and other search tools). Aka Blended Search.

You can check the full list of Advanced SEO Glossary here: Click here. Thanks to the SEO Analyst , Alwin Clores, for sharing this very invaluable SEO information.

Got some information overload? Fear not! Just ask here and I'll be very much willing to help you understand more about SEO and its terminologies.

    About Tristan Khalil Singkala, the author

    A gamer, manga-lover, blogger, SMM and SEO Professional. Proud Pinoy Freelancer, owner of TRIZZONE and Sociable Media Design. He blog about SEO, Social Media, being a Virtual Assistant and Freelancing. You can connect with him in his social networks.

10 of the Most Visited Places in the Philippines

Philippines is one blessed country as it has many beautiful tourist attractions, historical richness and prosperous bounty of nature’s produce. Its location gives it a greater advantage for many people as this gives only two types of weather which is rainy and sunny climates. Philippines consist of more than 7,100 islands thus making it a good island hopping country to stopover. Visiting Philippines is a great experience as you can see the wonders of its beauty and the hospitality of the people living in it.

As I have said, there are many beautiful places and must-see places in the Philippines and going in these places can be quite memorable and also fun. Such places may consist of different landmarks and beautiful terrains or even historical markers dating way back from the invasion of Spaniards, Japanese attacks and many more.

Although there are still many beautiful places to set out in the Philippines, these are the places that I consider a must-see:

1 - Boracay

This place is well-known for its long white, sandy beaches and great nightlife parties. This is a great tourist destination located in the Visayan region and is a must-place to visit for local and foreigner visitors. Trendy bars, discos and water sports are one of the activities in this place.
2 - Mount Pinatubo

This volcano has been famous in the year 1990s as it has once caused great problems not only in the Philippines but also for many parts of the world during its greatest eruptions.
3 - Intramuros

A city found in Manila famous for its walled area and had been a historical landmark for Spanish settlements. This city has historical museums and ruins that are preserved for tourists to see.
4 - Camp John Hay

This is a place in Baguio, the summer capital of the Philippines. This area is a nice place to visit since it contains historical backgrounds dating back from American settlements. They also have a place for recreation such as golfing, horseback riding and camping.
5 - Mount Apo

If you want to enjoy mountain trekking then Mount Apo can be a good place. This awe-inspiring volcano can be found in Davao and in this place, you can also find the famous Philippine Eagle which is the biggest in the world.
6 - Palawan

It is a famous tourist spot as it contains many beautiful beaches, rich forest and caves that can be a good place to visit. There are many activities in this place such as snorkeling, paddling and many others.
7 - Dapitan

It is located in the Zamboanga province and is famous for the place where Rizal, the Philippine national hero was exiled. They also have white beach named Dakak.
8 - Surigao

When you are in for great waves to surf then Siargao is the good place to be. This island is in Surigao and is the surfing sanctuary for many surf lovers.
9 - Cebu

A tourist place identified to have the historical landmark where Magellan, a Spanish adventurer was defeated by Lapu-lapu thus the existence of the Magellan’s Cross. There are also many night life activities going on in this place.
10 - Camiguin

This small island in Mindanao is known for their Lanzones fruits, underground cemetery, white sand beaches and great island sceneries.
These great places are a must-see places when you are visiting Philippines and they can good places to spend your holidays with families and friends.

    About Herbert Kikoy, the author

    is the sole blogger of Locally Made, and an SEO Manager at Mayhem New Media, a UK based SEO Company.