10 of the Different Forms Of Mochi You Could Enjoy This Thanksgiving

Today, I will be presenting to you the different mochi forms which you could enjoy eating this thanksgiving. As we know it, mochi has gone a long way from being a Japanese sticky rice cake to including it in soups, making waffles and the like. There are different food forms that we people enjoy eating and I would like you to see how you could enjoy this flavorful mochi the way you want. If you don’t want it in it’s plain sticky rice cake form, well grab this opportunity and look through the enticingly creative foods made of the oh so famous mochi. Get ready to be hungry and rest assured you will be looking into one of the mochi forms you will see here.

Here they are:
1 - This cute mochi cupcakes will surely get the kids attention. What a better way to treat your children is to give them some healthy snack in a form they love the most, sweets. This is very enticing and could be a good avenue to feed kids that are picky when it comes to food.

2 - Now, everybody wants frozen yogurt since it became a craze. This gave creative people a way to top those healthy and yummy frozen yogurt with mochi. Apart from the fruits you put in frozen yogurt, you could now enjoy it with those little mochi balls or even mix both.

3 - If you want to retain the sweet and original taste of mochi with a little twist, fry it. This is one is the closest to the original form because you just fried it. This one is also my favorite of all the mochi apart from munching those mochi balls raw.

4 - Another way to enjoy those sweet mochi in a sweeter and yummier form is by eating a mochi waffle. What a delight to jumpstart your day with this hearty breakfast plus your favorite cup of coffee. What a match that makes me salivate now. Makes me think of eating this yummy mochi waffle tomorrow morning with a cup of Torani flavored coffee. A lovely day, indeed!

5 - Agadeshi mochi soup served before your main course; why not give it a shot! A one-of-a-kind soup with full flavors of spices plus the vegetables; I'm getting hungry now!

6 - Another yummy mochi dessert, mochilato or mochi gelato! Everyone's old-time favorite, ice cream with a twist of mochi. If you haven't tried one, you're missing half of your life so you better hurry up and grab some mochilato or you'll regret it for the rest of your life. I think, that says it all!

7 - Mochi sushi? This is a full flavor of Japan, sushi and mochi in one! I'm pretty sure this is going to be a heavy meal. With the sushi alone, you'll get full easily plus the mochi that's a real hunger filler. You better braze yourself with this fully loaded treat.

8 - For mom's out there who loves to bake, this mochi pie will put a grin in your family's face. Expect those hugs and kisses from your husband and kids when they tasted this outrageously delectable mochi pie. You could also put in some flavors in your pie to make it more appealing and yummy. A sure fire hit only from the best, our loving mom's.

9 - Mochi pizza? Are you kidding me? The first time I heard of it, it made me puke! Imagine those fresh fruits, vegetables, plus the pepperoni and cheese only to be put in a mochi? I don't think so! But wait, the skepticism just turned into a new found glory. This is one of the best tasting pizza I ever tried in my entire existence. You better try one and share it with your friends on a Friday night.

10 - Thinking of what are you going to bring in your pot lock this Thanksgiving? Why don't you surprise everyone with this one-of-a-kind dessert and don't forget to click that shutter button the moment your family tasted it. You will surely be delighted by the oh so yummy expression on their face.

I’m sure you also have your favorite mochi form. Hopefully you got one favorite on the above list of the ten of the most delightfully tasting mochi food form. I hope this blog post ignited your palate’s craving or ignited your quest to try something extraordinary; something you haven’t tried before.

Don’t be afraid to explore different foods and just enjoy whatever it is that satisfies your palate’s criteria for something delicious. If you want some mochi or Torani syrups, you could visit Lollicupstore.com and try on something extra ordinary. Happy eating!

About the author: Victoria Vynes

She is a food blogger, a self-confessed mochi addict and coffee junkie which you could actually notice in all her blog posts. Being a food blogger, she loves discovering new food of different cuisine and travels to different parts of the world to have a taste of authentic food recipes.