10 of 15 Celebrities with their Signature Poses

Ever notice how some celebrities always look the same in their pictures? There's a reason for that -- they've been coached on how to stand so that they look as tall, thin, and beautiful as possible.

As a star, it's important to look your best -- and show off a little personality in the process. From the peace sign to bum shot, these red carpet staples always revert back to their tried and true signature red carpet poses.

Although you may not be aware of it, each celebrity poses the same way each time. While all the celebrities pose differently, it would appear that each celebrity has figured out which pose makes them look the best and they stick with that particular pose.

Below are ten(10) celebrities who seldom deviate from their signature poses. Maybe we should all be taking notes!

1 - Taylor Swift

2 - Victoria Beckham

3 - Beyonce

4 - George Clooney

5 - Lindsay Lohan

6 - Blake Lively

7 - Kim Kardashian

8 - Lady Gaga

9 - Megan Fox

10 - Miley Cyrus

That's all for now folks! Ciao!
  • Reference/Source: Oddee.com by Beverly Jenkins [6/9/2011]