10 list of Signs that your Job Candidate is a Bad Idea

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Obviously, getting fired isn’t an ideal situation to ever be in. All the same, it’s certainly a situation that can be dealt with strategically, so that you get back into the workforce again quickly, with a minimum of discomfort.

Here's 10 list of Signs that your Job Candidate is a Bad Idea.

The candidate...

1 - asks you for a ride home.
2 - has draw's that are hanging out at the top.
3 - lists Mom as a reference.
4 - is too drunk to complete the application.
5 - is wearing one steel toe shoe & a Sponge Bob house slipper.
6 - asks you out on a date.
7 - is accompained by a putrid smell and leaves a snail trail as they pass by.
8 - has Coke bottle glasses and are unable to see you, much less look at you. And they are wanting a construction job.
9 - has black hair, black eyes and a tattoo that reads Stan Rocks, but they take the time to let you know that it should read Satan Rocks.
10 - asks you to retrieve their re'sume' on Facebook.