Top 10: KPOP (Korean Pop)

Hey guys welcome to the third month of the year 2011! Compared to last month March has been the polar opposite. Taking off with ‘Big Bang – Tonight’ from the beginning, this month was already looking very promising. Now without further ado here is our top 10…
10. Bella – Don’t Let Go

At the current moment it is well known that numerous girl groups have been trying to debut this month, much to the annoyance of some fans. But we have used this opportunity to scount out some new talents and one of the girls groups at the top of this list is this group. ‘Bella’ has remade the Eternal classic ‘Don’t Let Go’ into what has been one of our favourite songs of the month. The vocals are refreshing, incredible and just phonemenal. Just take a look…
9. K.Will – My Heart Beating

Biased for both IU (the main girl in the video) and Lee Joon (MBLAQ) this is one of the cutest videos we have seen. Beautiful acting from both IU and Lee Joon helps this song to be extremely addictive. With a soft melody and a catchy chorus this song is one to listen to.
8. Chi Chi – Don’t Play Around

This girl group has already caught the eyes of many kpop fans… for good reasons and bad. Already setting themselves the massive obstacle of reaching the popularity of SNSD many wonder how this will ever happen. Although we agree with the fact that this band has a lot to do to reach this tremendous goal, we feel this song is a step in the right direction. With ‘Sun’ from the amazing drama ‘Secret Garden’ starring in the MV and also an extremely  addictive chorus, this is well deserved at our no. 8 spot.
8. Girl’s Day – Twinkle Twinkle
Joined with Chi Chi at our no. 8 spot this MV is quite irritating but yet so hilarious at the same time. With Kung-fu moves used to get her guy back this MV is definately creative/ imaginative. Watching the strange dance choreography and listening to the strange music, the concept is definately… strange…but at the same time amazing! The tune is definitely enjoyable to listen and one of our favourites for the month.
7. MBLAQ – Again

MBLAQ are back with another great hit. After succeeding with two amazing consecutive songs ‘Cry’ and ‘Stay’, ‘Again’ has definitely got us hooked. No real MV has been released as it has been sang for the movie ‘The Fighter’ we only have the performance available. But then again that’s nothing to complain about. They continue to amaze us with their incredible live performance and show us exactly why Bi Rain chose this group to debut into the kpop industry.
6. ZE:A – Here I Am

A mixed reaction from us both. One of us likes it whilst the other doesn’t like it as much. With a very cute concept surrounding the MV as a whole this sure ticks all my boxes into being a successful kpop song. Each member showcase their talents in both their live performances and the MV. They have surely succeeded in making a great song.
5. Dalmatian – That Man Opposed

Dalmation is definately one our favourite new boy bands entering the kpop world. With another cute MV and catchy song this ranks 5 on our Kpop chart for March and quite rightly so. With already thousands of views on youtube, this band is one of our favourites to succeed in the near future.
4. CN Blue – Intuition

Finally the comeback we have been waiting months for has finally happened. After their huge impact with ‘I’m a Loner’ they’ve come back with another indie composed track. Alreading winning awards from the ‘M!Countdown’ music show this is a sure fire hit! Also the MV is so sexy with them acting like rebels running around graffiting their name, they sure pull off the black hair too!
3. Infinite – Nothing’s Over

Yet again another one of our rookie bands have come out with another top-notch song. With an different/ innovative idea for their MV it is yet another classic addded to a long list of great KPOP songs. A beautiful message sent across showing a man’s never-ending love for his woman. Infinite is on our list of which rookie bands will make it big!
2. Big Bang  – Tonight

Big Bang have been sweeping the kpop nation with their latest comeback! With heavy beats as their instrumental and GD and TOP’s rapping it was a decent song. But what we felt really saved this track was Taeyang’s and Seungri’s vocals. We weren’t too keen on this song at first but it soon grew on us like a rash :P Ruling over the music shows for at least most of the month there’s a reason why this is placed at our no. 2 spot
1. TVXQ/DBSK – Before You Go

We’re totally not biased for TVXQ :P With amazing vocals from the two remaining members, they certainly pulled off this R’n'B style. From smooth vocals to their beautiful storyline. The video was even more breathtaking with sexy strong charisma from the two members as they showed off their amazing fighting skills (lets not forget them in their sexy police uniforms ;) . All of these elements combined secured the spot as our No.1!