Top 10 Pinoy/Filipino Bad Habits

1. It's ok to be late.

2. Pinoy drivers do not give the right of way to pedestrians when approaching pedestrian crossings.

3. Smoking in public utility vehicles

4. Spends so much money for fireworks during the holidays and lights them up showing no regard for safety despite thousands of fireworks-related-injuries every year.

5. Karaoke at full volume all through the night until the wee hours of the morning without any regard for the neighbors.

6. Tons of garbage in a vacant lot with a sign that says, "Huwag Magtapon ng Basura Dito." (Please don't throw your garbage here)

7. Smoke belching

8. Keeps blaming every president that runs the country of corruption but does nothing else about their corrupt relatives who work at city hall, relatives who are (Kotong) cops/traffic enforcers who accept bribes, etc.

9. Government officials work in air conditioned offices and buildings while elementary students in public schools have classes in sweltering heat in make-shift classrooms. I wonder how many classrooms can be built with the money that can be saved if all government officials turn their air conditioning off and just open the windows while working.

At the Payatas Elementary School nearby, Edmon Miguel Jr., 24, is spending his own money to try to improve conditions. “We are just waiting for our salary, the other teacher and me,” said Mr. Miguel, who earns 9,000 pesos, or $187, a month. “We will make it a beautiful classroom. We will make it a classroom conducive to learning.”His classroom is a narrow passageway with a tin roof and no windows where 62 children ages 8 to 12 sit crammed together at tiny desks. It floods during the monsoon season “When it rains, my shoes get wet, but I continue to teach the children,” Mr. Miguel said. “Sometimes their notebooks fall in the water.” --an excerpt from "The Philippines Face Classroom Shortage by Seth Mydans published on
10. You decide what number ten is. Add your Pinoy bad habit/s in the comments section.